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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I hope you've all stocked supplies for the impending apocalypse following queen Raina's ascent to world dominance. This is only the beginning folks!
  2. Yessss, AOA. Sounds great!
  3. Today will be known as First Impact. #Rainacalypse2k14
  4. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Raina please just graduate. I promise to buy your solo album. Just go solo now.

    With regard to AOA, I properly miss their songs like Elvis and Get Out. Now that they're more well known, it's safe to say they can try out the band concept once again.

    Raina trapped her in the Pelvis Entertainment basement now that she's more relevant than the former leader.
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  5. The Raina/San E track is quite nice. I hope it does well (evil grin).
  6. Hitori

    Hitori Guest


    1 Mnet
    #1 Bugs
    #1 Olleh
    #1 Soribada
    #1 Genie
    #1 Naver
    #1 Daum
    #1 Cyworld
    #1 Monkey3
    #2 Melon

    Raina, the real queen of Pledis! She's heading for that #1!
    Kahi now has more reasons to lose some tantrums.
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  7. 3Xs



    So July it is, teasers next week, if I'm deciphering YG's cryptic wording correctly.
  8. He


    So, why is Raina hated all around?
  9. Younha banger for the Ultra Music Festival

  10. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    It's a long story (the After School thread explains a lot, and has cited a lot of incidents). Most recently she has mentioned she likes promoting with Orange Caramel better because they tend to get drowned in the 8-member After School. Quite ironic when she was pushed to the front of After School when she debuted, and always had more vocal and screentime in their singles and videos. I guess it all boils down to her hogging too much spotlight in After School.
  11. 3Xs


    dddDAMN. Song of the summer is here! The track itself is nothing too unique but Younha's voice is something else, totally elevates it to another level, and her English is really really good! What a pleasant surprise.
  12. Can YG be even more pretentious? Just release something already. They were supposed to debut right away after their reality show anyway.
  13. I don't exactly fit in the hate camp or the graduation camp. I just find it funny that she's so reviled around these parts and I'm bandwagon jumping.

    It's YG. It doesn't get more pretentious or long winded than that.

    That Younha banger is fantastic. Her English never ceases to impress me.
  14. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    DAMN! Younha slays every fucking thing with her amazing vocal performance! Absolute banger!
  15. I hope you guys realize that Raina's ascension was predicted long ago in Flashback when she hits the high note... "Come into my world now"

    It's only a matter of time now... Soon we will all be living in her world. #rainacalypse2014
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  16. 3Xs


    Slay King!

  17. These people don't know how to write those hype articles. #12 on Bubbling Under would look better. Woo @ 2NE1 charting in actual Top 100 (totally missed tha that news).
  18. That title is so misleading.
  19. 3Xs


    Except it's not misleading? The Billboard 200 doesn't have a "Bubbling Under" section - that's the Hot 100...

    Reading is essential!
  20. Ambitious and self-serving with a basic voice and barely any star-power. Also, she's a fun target like Kahi can be for some for similar reasons (except she's got a nasty streak but has stage presence, dancing talent and some star-power.)

    Unsurprised at this calculated attempt by both San. E and Raina. It's a pleasant song that I won't be downloading.

    Looking forward to Winner, don't mind the wait and teasing process as long as they debut.
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