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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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    So hype!!
  2. Excited for BTS!

    WINNER was just bland and nothing special. But that's just me.
  3. Looka ta Taemin trying to be XIA. Adorable...not!

    WINNER just bored me.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    ^Same. That WINNER song did absolutely nothing for me. Taemin is basic, and I've never liked him, so that's another debut I can skip. Oh, and I'm STILL jamming to HA:TFELT. Let me know when anyone puts out anything close to Ain't Nobody or Truth.

  6. I like that Gyuri hates the new member as much as everyone else.
  7. Empty is a really nice, dreamy production. Rapping, not sure, but chorus is sweet.

    A new killer single from Hoody, produced by herself again. Just criminal that these girls are not part of the mainstream conversation.

  8. Wow really like her production. Thanks for posting.

    Edit: Just heard the remix, even better! A nice r'n'b jam.

    Edit 2: Just heard My Ride. I'm a new fan!

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  9. I don't even know what this is....

  10. Amazing, that's what it is!
  11. I was going to make a reply about this song and to say the same thing. There are female producers and writers in SK, that really aren't getting any attention; particularly from I-fans. I would love for AOMG and Amoeba etc. male-oriented hip-hop companies to take the initiative and sign up promising female rappers or singer-musicians. The R&B scene is there and would thrive with more mainstream support. Yet it's always male names that break through (Crush, for example).

    EXID watch: A mini soon? Title track called "Down"? Fingers crossed this time.
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    Pretty sure we were talking about Hoody quite a bit in here last year though. Or at least me and Pen were. If other "I-fans" choose not to pay attention...

    Anyway, in other news, WINNER achieved an all-kill already! Slay! I can already tell they're going to be to the digital charts what EXO are to the physical charts.
  13. I have spoken about her too, if I recall correctly I linked "My Ride" here. Someone else found the link to Hoody and Amourette though. I wasn't talking about this forum or any, actually, as she clearly is under-the-radar... which Indie acts tend to be. It's no thing. I was just sounding off...


    Congrats Winner!
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    Sorry, you weren't really that clear about who you were talking about in your post. Apologies if I misunderstood.

  15. This will be the last time I address you. I'm glad Pen Expers recently posted about this artist because I totally missed her. I personally don't follow every post and click every link to every video on here. I'm tired of the snarky remarks.
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    What even? *Is confused* My comment wasn't directed at you (or anyone else in here) at all Macsun!!
  18. No worries, honestly I was a little confused earlier, hence my tone. When I talk about i-fans I don't mean this sub-forum. You guys are more open-minded and self-contained which is a positive! It just means more things are shared and discussed easily. I-fans of K-Pop in general is what I meant by the word. Not i-fans of Hoody. I should've been clearer.

    Ah, I didn't mean to make things take a turn. Sorry.
  19. Yes to more Hoody on the previous page by the way!
  20. We can't be arguing when rumours of EXID ACTUALLY coming back are around!

    Hopefully it's true! BESTie have already released more than them and they've been around years less!
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