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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I honestly don't know what to be more excited for. Orange Caramel ... or Bangtan ... Needless to say at this point, next week is going to kill!!
  2. WINNER wouldn't have made a dent were it not for them being on the YG label. Same with other artists putting out mediocre music on the big labels (SM, YG). Other than Red Light, it was all just underwhelming and nothing new. The ones that actually bothered to bring something new and fresh to the table flopped (JYP).

    The whacking in the Kiss Kiss choreography is amazing. More groups should incorporate it into their routines. The song is somewhat forgettable given how similar it sounds to Pretty Pretty, but I can't help it if I absolutely love it as well.

    I'd love it if OC can finally nab a #1 somewhere. They've got a good shot with their upcoming song I think.
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  3. Apparently the video concept is Where's Waldo. I'm imagining it like Dora The Explorer:

    Where is Nana? Do you see Nana? *computer click* !Muy Bien!
  4. 3Xs



  6. 3Xs



    This sounding better than I expected.

    Exid are having a comeback showcase and fanmeeting! cr: Exiders on Twitter. Date being thrown around is 24th of this month!!!

    Link to fancafe post.
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  8. ESNA's song is gorgeous!
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  9. I just couldn't get excited by Taemin going solo but that album preview sounds really good!
  10. Catching up, I like Secret's new song, but they sort of continue this summer's trend of songs that are only pretty good that I just can't get too excited about, along with Girl's Day, Sistar, Ladies Code, etc. I think only f(x) and, surprisingly, Block B put out songs I really loved.

    I don't think Winner is a group I'm likely to get into. For all the hype they built up I'm gonna need something more than a pretty decent R&B jam and a better-than-average ballad. Plus, I know it shouldn't matter, but I can't help feeling a little resentful of acts that find instant success based on what company they're from. Sure YG deserves to reap the rewards of the massive and honestly brilliant marketing they've poured into the group, but hell, even EXO flopped for over a year. I guess it just feels more rewarding to pay more attention to music that's just as good or better and actually needs said attention. (Did someone mention Hoody?)

    Both Dangers sound promising.
  11. [video=youtube;Loa3G7iwLfI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Loa3G7iwLfI[/video]

    The video is amazing. Why do I love them so much?
  12. HOOORRRAAAAYYY!!! I can't wait! Hopefully this is the start of EXID's rise!
  13. That EE video is fantastic.
  14. Bobby is the next member of Team B to shoot to #1 on Melon:


    Produced by DOK2.
  15. They have my heart.


    I still can't get over how good they look live, Kiss Kiss is really nothing without that choreography.
  16. Ladies Chode make a great Wonder Girls tribute group but they do absolutely nothing for me.

    Winner's song sounds like a watered down LONELY by B1A4. I prefer the latter.

    Orange Caramel are just great, finally Pledis seem to be capitalising on them.

    Taemin isn't one of my favourites but it's crazy to think how much he has improved since debut. His singing is really really impressive now, so I think he deserves a solo.

    I'm still waiting for Stephanie's reported July comeback under WASSUP's label...
  17. After listening to Kiss Kiss like 60 times, the issue is the chorus itself. I find myself humming the verses and forgetting what the chorus sounds like. But, after working with the same producer since debut and Pretty Pretty being one of their strongest songs, I can see how they would slip into being redundant.

    I can't even get myself remotely interested in Winner. And as much as I want an Orange Caramel comeback, I also wanted an After School summer single..

    But, T-ara are coming for it in September. CCM is already posting all kinds of studio teaser photos on their facebook.
  18. [video=youtube;VRniV2nKP0s]https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=VRniV2nKP0s[/video]
  19. Monday Blues is the title track... it sounds very strange. Overall the mini sounds eh. Probably gonna skip it like there last two releases.
  20. I'm only interested in hearing Monday Blues. It sounds like it has their signature quirkiness. Rest is very bland.
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