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I don't like upbeat, summer jam Sistar, so I chose to just not care.

Now, CCM teasing studio time for the queens is what has me interested. They've never really done so many teasers like this before, which is making me hope this is going to be a full album. I mean, through all the scandals and such, they are still the group that gave us Absolute First.
Touch My Body lodged itself into my head, and I still can't seem to get it out.

I remember when it was SISTAR vs. Miss A around here, who knew those Push Push chicks would prevail.
It is isn't it? Poor miss A. JYP needs to debut 6mix ASAP so they can take over where Wonder Girls left off. Might not end up being too far off anyway seeming 6mix are looking like debuting in October. Nayeon, Lena, Jungyeon and Jisoo are joined by Sana and someone else. Cecilia seems to have switched to CUBE.

Also speaking of CUBE, there group is looking to debut in September. CUBE's apparently waiting for WINNER & Red Velvet to end promotions first. Concept said to be similar to 4minute's Volume Up or B2ST's Shadow. Around 7-8 members too. Cecilia might end up being in this group.

Plus we've got Woollim and TS who will be debuting their new groups after their respective artists finish promotions.

Seems we're going to be having a brawl to decide who's the #2 new girl group this year after Red Velvet. I doubt YG will debut his girl group tho, even though apparently there is still a chance.
Now I'm reading through the old posts from 2010. Gah, nostalgia. No negativity or shadiness. No one was jaded yet. Truly the most iconic era of this thread. The Jumping to our current Damaged Lady era :'(
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One of my favorite quotes ever, haha. It's a trip looking back and seeing how music/pop culture has changed even four years ago. And how people's opinions have changed/seeing the people who have come and gone. And I forgot how nice it was to post a gif as a reaction. Sometimes a gif says 1,000 words!

And YG needs to get on it and release the girl group! I don't think it's going to happen this year either. I wish he never released those teaser videos and pictures of Jennie like two years ago. It put people's hopes up.

And Hush was the best girl group song of 2013 for me easily. So even though JYP messed up the music for them in 2011 and 2012 I think they are on the right track now. Thankfully Suzy is insanely popular. I would hate to think where they would be if she wasn't Korea's it girl.
Mamma Mia is great, and I wasn't checking for KARA at all.

Just keep on serving me these gorgeous R&B jams Jay Park.

Gahh whenever someone links to an old page I always end up reading through like 100 pages without even meaning to haha. Loved that era ♥
Summer 2010 was really something else. Literally iconic moment after iconic moment. From SISTAR and miss A (and OC!) debuts to SHINee and Taeyang comebacks to BoA and NARSHA, and Secret and Rainbow releasing their signature songs, to KARA and GG advancing to Japan, to the first U.S. SMTOWN dates, and then wrapping things up with To Anyone... What a time.
MissA was actually my very first "favorite" group in K-Pop and it was all thanks to 'Hush'. My first physical albums I bought were 'Hush' and 'A Class' and still love them both now. Now that I've grown from what K-Pop was to me about a year ago, MissA have definitely gone down on my list of favorite acts but they'll always hold a special place in my heart *queue violin* haha I don't think anyone will ever take over f(x)'s place as my favorite group anytime soon.

Joining the Popjustice forum was pretty much the reason I became such a big fan of After School and Orange Caramel so I have you guys to thank for that!

Also because of the whole KARA/OC thing I didn't get a chance to check out 'The Promise' until now ... and I kind of like it better than both 'Mamma Mia' and 'My Copycat'! haha I have yet to listen to 'Mamma Mia' without the video so maybe that's my problem as to why I'm not fully appreciating it.

ALSO also ... BTS in about 18 Hoursssssss!!!
Orange Caramel's new song at first was disappointing but watching the video and doing the actual dance with them whilst playing is just amazing. I've grown to love it after 3-4 spins on it!

KARA on the other hand has disappointed me this time round after the fabulous "Pandora"!
Witness the power of the Crayon Pope and their timeless hit, Bar Bar Bar.


After Marionette, I'm most certainly excited for Stellar's comeback on the 21st. Lip Service too! Makes for a great birthday 1-2 punch!
K. Can we get 4(x) ASAP. Bye Suli.

This might be .. great.
In addition to the dating rumors, there are now rumors of Sulli having left f(x) circulating, especially due to what Dispatch allegedly wrote before immediately changing their article to read differently.

According to other media outlets, Dispatch had originally written in their article, "During this, the rift between Sulli and SM grew deeper. It's said that the conflicts between the two exploded over the issue of the repackaged album. An issue arose during the process of selecting the follow-up song, and ultimately, Sulli asked to leave the group."

However, soon after publishing their article, Dispatch revised their sentence to read, "Of course Sulli's f(x) activities were not easy. It's said she thought a lot about being a singer vs. an actress. During then, she ultimately decided to leave the team. It's because she wanted to concentrate on acting instead of singing."

This revised sentence seems like it could be referring to her going on hiatus for an indefinite period of time as her 'leaving' the team, but with the original sentence added into the picture, it seems to suggest that Dispatch is stating that Sulli has withdrawn from the group completely.

However, it could be that Dispatch revised their original sentence because they found out they were wrong, so it's up to you to decide how you want to interpret the reason for the change and what they mean by leaving the team.