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Super Junior is on mission to kill summer. Let's pray Sistar will stop them!

Get excited because Super Junior has officially announced their comeback with their 7th studio album 'MAMACITA'!

It seems the past rumors were right as the official release date of their album is September 1, but we will be seeing the boys before then as they hold their comeback stages starting on August 29th on 'Music Bank'!


Nooooooooooooooooooo. And just when I'd forgotten they exist.

Hopefully they decide to cancel this after hearing SISTAR's new song. The fate of summer hangs in the balance!

I think you mean fantastic! I am excited. They look great besides Eunhyuk's hair. I would love a song that is MBLAQ-y with a spanish guitar in there and maybe like an American western style MV. September will be even better than this summer with Super Junior and 2PM! And T-ARA too!

And Stress Come On is funny/cute. Sungjae, N and Jackson look great.
Super Junior is on mission to kill summer. Let's pray Sistar will stop them!

Oh I don't think that will be an issue.

Let's take a little trip down memory lane and revisit one of the most iconic K-Pop victories of all time:

Let's reminisce on one of the greatest K-Pop performances ever:


The passion. The precision. The note by note perfection.

The last minute when the beat kicks into full gear was one of the best musical moments of 2013 for me! That performance was iconic!


I can't believe how amazing the teaser sounds. Touch My Body sounds like shit in comparison. I'm really excited for SISTAR seconds now!

It's like a watered-down version of One More and Mini Skirt.

I even looked at the lyrics hoping there was some witty commentary, and nope. So..now they're just an average kpop group. I mean, it's a turn around from that OST route, but....
Bleh, I thought Sunny Hill would bring it with the societal critiques but it's essentially just a "Friday night, let's go out" type song with a weak hook and a tacky beat (and even tackier clothing). Predictable and not subversive, and yes, the biggest shame is that they went the whole boring sexy route. Just like every other girl group now when they used to be something truly special. (AOA their impact, I guess?) It's just really disappointing to see what was once such a vibrant, clever group bastardized like this.
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The last minute when the beat kicks into full gear was one of the best musical moments of 2013 for me! That performance was iconic!

Honestly the more I sit and think on it the more I think I Dance aka I SMASH was totally underrated last year (including by me). What a complete anthem. The "I Will Survive" of K-Pop.
The Sunny Hill of yore is gone. The song's alright, but it will ultimately get drowned out by previous releases from other groups with a similar concept. I couldn't help but feel like they recycled the AOA Miniskirt wardrobe and the SUJU-M Swing set. I also thought I was listening to a Ga In song when Kota sang the chorus.

Stellar's Mask is out too and it's pretty good. It's no Marionette musically, but concept wise I find it less forced and awkward.

Okay now Mask on the other hand is smooth as melted butter and less disgusting/desperate than their last single. I also think lyrically the idea of a "mask" is used interestingly, albeit it's perhaps a bit too ambiguous to be truly biting. It's a good song, anyway, and has more ideas jammed into it than the Sunny Hill song, shockingly.
Maybe not as good as Yum Yum Yum but I think that song came out of nowhere and surprised everyone, now this one is in a similar vein so it's not the same big surprise but it's still pretty great.

I love Monday Blues! Not the best thing they've ever done but a step in the right direction.

But I think Stellar wins the day overall. What a tune! Even better than Marionette. This has been my favorite day of K-pop releases in a while.
Too Good is aptly titled. The only problem is it needs more sax. That's when the track really gets hype and hits the same rapid-fire highs that made Yum Yum such a delight.
It's not surprising that I love the new Sunny Hill song. Then again, someone has to love all the under-appreciated groups on this forum.
Seems in the place of a Nine Muses comeback, Nine Muses' Kyungri and ZE:A's Kevin will be forming a 'Troublemaker' style sub-unit! Debuting this September!
I'm indifferent about Sunny Hill's new song but I do like the video. I surprisingly like Stellar's Mask but not the video, it actually feels forced to me. Lipservice's Too Fancy is great I find the choreography more authentic.

Seriously impressed with JJCC's One Way. A nice (2PM) pop ditty but the video is a bit meh (Hate the lighting). I think they have a ton of potential.

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