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Yeah, they look like themselves in recent photos but in thsoe teasers it's like they're using 5Dolls because they were too busy to attend photoshoot.
Obviously the S. Tiger would be better but I'm a bit concerned with reports that it's "big room electro." Do we really need to pretend like there's a whole new genre every single time someone comes up with a slightly original EDM song? Well it should be okay as long as it has an actual chorus.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency released a statement on his reported assault:

The agency stated, “After confirming [with Kim Hyun Joong], we found that it’s true the two parties have known each other since 2012, but they didn’t start dating until a few months ago… In the middle of their relationship, the two had an intense exchange of words. Though it’s true that in their heightened emotional state things got physical, it’s not true that there was continual physical assaults or that she’s been battered and beaten over the past two months like what was reported.”

In terms of the reports that the woman in question suffered fractured ribs, KeyEast said, “Their physical fight was a one time occurrence, and her fractured ribs didn’t occur due to their recent argument. Her ribs were injured when they were playing around previously, and the next day, they met with acquaintances. As there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal, her injury wasn’t recognized.”

The label made it clear that the earlier reports were one-sided, “We’re very disappointed about the one-sided reports from the accuser making headlines and that the truth is being exaggerated.” KeyEast added that Kim Hyun Joong will be willingly complying with police investigations in order to reveal the truth. The statement further mentioned that he plans to continue to fulfill the current commitments in his schedule, and afterwards, he will be focusing on resolving the case against him.

Instead of outright denial, they're literally using the "Oppa didn't mean it!" excuse. Scumbag.
I would love Orange Caramel to have Beatles mop tops and Sgt. Pepper jackets for one of their performances.

The chorus (pre-chorus?) really makes the song and the concept just keeps on giving.
"Heavy club-based sound with a powerful melody."

So the original Sexy Love teaser?
No. I won't let it die. I will continue to beat this dead horse.

Never forget! #justiceforsexyloveteaserversion

I would love Orange Caramel to have Beatles mop tops and Sgt. Pepper jackets for one of their performances.

The chorus (pre-chorus?) really makes the song and the concept just keeps on giving.

I feel the same about Kara's Mamma Mia. It's all about the pre-chorus for me.

Hyunjoong will probably get off Scott free and nothing will be made of it again. Which is very very wrong because assault is much worse than smuggling in prescription medication.
I don't know if he will do jail time or not but his career is for sure over. He couldn't bounce back from it in Korea. The statement is crazy and so telling. There was physical abuse one time but he just fractured her ribs playing around?? Yeah, okay. I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

And I need it to be Shinsadong! Please CCM. And even though it's the trend I would ideally like them to do something sexier. I secretly would have loved Shinsadong giving Dal Shabet's BBB to them but remixed a little to be more T-ARA.
I'm guessing CCM will just have them release a repackage with the other song, then have another repackage after that with yet another song, so I don't mind which comes first. Of course, I want the S. Tiger song first and foremost.

I just hope this starts out the whoring of T-ARA again. You don't understand how much you miss them until they aren't around at least once every three/four months.
Orange Caramel need to copy this for their next copycat performance:

SISTAR are so popular they need to split themselves in pair and perform with holograms to finish whole schedule:

Another game-changing performance from technological Queens. Nothing less than the cutting edge for Hallyu Leaders TopTierStar!
That was pretty cool, but nowhere near Perfume's level of awesome. Also, they hologrammed the wrong members.

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Countdown to CCM to replacing all 7 or however many members/survivors of T-ara with holograms: START

Yes, we get it, you don't like CCM/T-ara. You need to be less snarky. It's getting very tiresome.

Anyway, I hope they will go with the Shinsadong Tiger track as originally planned.
The EXID track sounds bangin' to me!!!

I love the practice video for 'My Copycat'! Hopefully OC will continue the trend doing them like this because they are hilarious!
I had to stop the EXID preview because the track was sounding too good. I don't want to ruin the moment when they finally return.

Coming back to the issue of plastic surgery, it looks like Hyerin had some work done. Hani and Solji look just about the same.
Yeah, seems like the teasers were just photoshopped too much, mainly on Hani and Haeryung's teasers. I forgot, do we know what it is? Digital single, Mini etc.?