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BESTie are performing their 'end-of-summer' tune 'I Need You'


Listenable but nothing earth-shattering
'MAMACITA' isn't that bad but the video is just weird. Haven't listened to the album yet but I'll let someone else tell me if it's any good haha
I actually love the album. But I have always loved SuJu in general. I'm even a Mr. Simple and Sexy, Free & Single fan! So my taste is kinda suspect to begin with. So you may hate it ryan haha. I love that Mamacita MV has a storyline. The song is nice. Leeteuk, Donghae and Siwon look so good.

And that is very cool V liked your post Aime.
Slick new R&B tune


Sadly no MV.
Almost missed the Livii track. It's really good. Is she a new artist?

Surprised no one posted this.


The song isn't bad actually. I was thinking of Bumblebee Man from The Simpsons the entire time. "Naranjas en la cabeza no es bueno! Ay ay ay!!"

The water in the ear move is still damn ridiculous.
Also speaking of stuff no-one posted yet, that LABOUM song came out today/yesterday:


I don't know how I feel about it though ...
The SuJu song is alright, but only the Mamacita part is memorable even though a lot was going on in the verses. one of them getting fruit seller was pretty funny.

I do appreciate that Shindong is just another member of the band. He doesn't seem like a token slot, though thats only based on this video.
Almost missed the Livii track. It's really good. Is she a new artist?

I believe so. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.

Queen T Yoon Mi Rae follows almost year-to-date her #1 smash "Touch Love" with a new, rather good OST ballad, and it's overtaken SISTAR for the top spot on Instiz, may even block them on Gaon:


Not as gut-wrenching as Touch Love but still nice. Is it too much to ask for another album? Even just her singing would be a treat.


A suggestive Banana and some cleavage. Looks like we already have a winner for our video rate.
Livi is nice, love these rnb singer songwriters popping up.

Mamacita falls a bit flat. I actually enjoyed all of SuJu's singles when they were being accused of putting out the same single over and over - Bonamana is one of my very favorite boyband songs.
Look at V stanning f(x)! big bang you're hotter than Taeyang, just saying.

Well I'm not big bang but thanks, haha.

I'd say SuJu get a bad rep most of the time. Mr. Simple was full of generic bops that you like in a gulty pleasure kind of way and Sexy Free & Single (well, at least the title track) saw them take things in a classier direction... Sure they went back to square one with Mamacita but I do appreciate the camp quality of both the video and the track. Buying the album for sure.
I don't know why, but out of the WHOLE POOL OF MALE GROUPS, SuJu justs captures my heart. Maybe it's the holy trinity of Donghae, Siwon and Leeteuk. Song is nice enough. I feel as though they get a bad wrap though.
Christ! that Mamacita video/song was horrible. I'll listen to the album to see if anything sticks.

Super Junior peaked a long time ago but I keep the faith because Super Junior-M always produces much better material.
It doest make sense though because i would think the same producers would work on all projects.

Another Nasty Nasty teaser pic


I think this rookie would fit into Nine Muses nicely.
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