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Some of the other members are in critical condition too. It's Sojung's birthday today and she's one of the members in critical condition.

I just, I don't have words. This is such a devastating tragedy.
Rise and Sojung are both in critical condition too. It's all over the news now.

I cannot believe it. But the sad thing is, I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier.

I hope anyone else involved comes out okay.
I literally have no words. They're such an amazing group of girls and now they have to deal with this.

I hope Sojung and Rise pull through.
That's fucked up! It's never gotten to the point where someone died, until now, but there's always an article every month or two about a celebrity being in a car accident. Wheneve I see photos of them in the large vans, not one of them is wearing a seat belt. On top of that, they're either sprawled out or not sitting properly.

22 is too young to die, especially in such a tragic way. I hope the other girls will pull through. RIP EunB.
Horrible horrible news. RIP EunB and my condolences to her family & friends. I hope the other members in critical condition pull through and that the other members/people with minor injuries are doing the best they can emotionally right now.
I didn't really know Ladie's Code at all, and I'm not even that up on K-Pop in general, but I'd heard the name before and seen some pictures of the group and thought that they looked cool. Checking out their music now it's amazing. Pretty Pretty is fantastic.

So devastating that this will probably be an incredibly tragic end to this group. Car accidents are the worst thing in the world.
I'm in shock. This is not the news I wanted to see after finally catching up in this thread. You hear about minor car accidents in Korea so often that you almost forget they can be fatal. I just read that EunB was confirmed not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the van. I've been in the sort of accident where a seatbelt allowed me to walk away relatively unharmed instead of serious injury or death. Please always wear one.