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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. Lord save me now!!!

    Group Shot

    EDIT: I originally posted that on my phone so I figured I would clean it up haha

    Younha's song is really fantastic!! Much prefer this over 'People', hands down. I remember when I first heard about her, I wasn't interested what-so-ever and thought she was boring ... Today, I would smack myself silly for even thinking that! She's truly amazing!
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  3. It sounds like Woolim's new girl group will have their songs produced by Yoon Sang, which is pretty great news. He's one of those guys like Yoon Jong Shin or You Hee Yeol who have been around for ages but still manage to sound fresh and relevant and are just overall great songwriters. He actually put a new solo single out a few weeks ago which I don't remember anyone posting about:

  4. We already heard Red Velvet's new single back in one of their teaser videos
    It's a remake of S.E.S' "Be Natural" from years back. I'm all for a good cover so I'm completely fine with it. Reminds me of when SNSD covered Lee Seungchul's "Girls' Generation" and when they performed it together... the good old days.
  5. [video=youtube;EwiNWI-glBA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwiNWI-glBA[/video]

    The Rainapocalypse is here.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I love it.
  7. Sounds like it'll be great!:

  8. Utterly in love with the Raina single. She's probably brainwashed me...
  9. I will pray for you, my child.

    But yes, it's nice.
  10. Oh my god. RAINA.


    I mean..I think a few of you know my infatuation with melancholy mid-tempos...

    BUT, HOW?!

    I'm glad she doesn't oversing in it.

    Ji Eun's track could prove interesting, however I see we haven't moved on from the tinny saxophone samples yet.
  12. Raina's song is wonderful! A little rap-heavy, but it's got an amazing melody. And she didn't do anything annoying with the vocals, so I'm happy.
  13. I must have missed something because I actually didn't think Raina's song was anything special... I only listened to it once so maybe it'll click the second time around.

    Akdong Musician are coming back on the 10th!
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  14. I think why people are pleasantly surprised with Raina is because she's not over singing like she usually does. She's reined it in (no pun intended) for the past few music releases.

    Ji Eun single sounds very promising. I was expecting a somber track for some reason.

    BEAST's comeback mini album. Very 2PM'ish

  15. Looks like the bleaching finally caught up with Ravi. Why is Hyuk channeling Taemin?
  16. Menboong

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    I know most people on here aren't big Roy Kim fans, but his second title track from his new album is absolutely gorgeous! It has such a nice build-up and his vocals are beautiful.

  17. Look who's back:


    Raina put me to sleep. Wake me up when K-pop is good again.
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    Raina's single is bland with a capital B. It's so boring I could cry, and I'm shocked anyone here is going crazy for it. Of course, if Soyu had released this it would be trashed here, but the funny thing is that The Space Between actually has way more of a pulse and craps all over this.

    In any case, it seems Korea agrees with me. Raina's languishing in the mid-30's in Instiz~
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    First we had Melted representing the end of winter/beginning of spring (the "ice" is melting, etc), then 200% was that breezy summer bop, and now "Time and Leaves" is coming for autumn?? What kind of 4 seasons of slayage? :'(
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    I'm ready!! Looks like a dark concept which is when VIXX is at their best tbh
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