K-Pop (General Discussion)

I know you're still mourning MBLAQ so I'll forgive you for that.

Iconic song, 1 minute till MV! *refreshes Youtube*

You know me so well.

Amazing MV. For the first time I find N attractive! Especially in that black outfit.

What's on Ravi's head? Too much.

Song's growing on me of course.

Hongbin's shirtless. Bless.
God, you people know I love VIXX, but BigBang called and want royalties for their Monster remake.

It's still a good song, though a little flat in the chorus. And Ravi, sweetie, I don't care how many writing credits you have, why can you only rap in one style?
The MV is FUCKING AMAZING!. Probably the best thing they have filmed.

Music production Great, Vocal production whack.
Listening to the verses is very jarring. I'm hoping it's the drawn out MV that contributed to it.
Uh that's like the best song KING VIXX has released to date bar on and on. The chorus is like the best part too. Easily better than Eternity tbh
KING VIXX their dark concepts always come through <3
This really blows 'Eternity' out of the water ... even though I loved and still am in love with it! Everything about this is freakin fantastic!! It's my favorite song of theirs at this point along with 'On and On' ... they have yet to make a crappy comeback!!!

Also I'm not surprised that I love '25' at all. The chorus is the only part that I'm iffy about but lord does she look stunning!!

PS: Youngji is TOO. STINKIN. CUTE.
Watched the VIXX MV and wow, I loved it. Shocked to see Youngji! I really like the song.

Why can't more girl groups do that kind of concept? I wish the darker concepts would return, opposed to the sexy ones (Shocking coming from me, I know!)
VIXX's mini is fantastic! Every track is great. 'After Dark' and 'Time Machine' were my favorites next to 'Error'!

Song Ji Eun's ... well ... I like the title song and 'Don't Look At Me Like That'. The only other semi-decent track is 'La Boum' but even that is nothing special.
So many unfortunate things have happened in K-Pop since I've last posted!

I love Error (I think it will hold up better than Eternity for me), but there is a major lack of Ken. I love his voice so much so I was hoping for lots of his vocals. The song is great though. And the choreo looks amazing, I need a dance version stat. The MV is fantastic. I would love an actual drama with the MV's story line!
I love Jieun's song, it's like an AOA song but just not tacky and cheap sounding. She looks amazing in the music video too.
The VIXX single is adequate. I'm not a fan of the contrived dark imagery and overly dramatic sound/vocal delivery they've been stuck in for the last several singles, but I guess it sits well with some people. The EP as a whole is great though. I just want a ton of songs like Time Machine.