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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. 1. Taeyang is everything in Good Boy, no need for GD at all.
    2. That Wa$$up mini sounds like fire.
    3. T-ARA more active that Top Tiers.. They can do no wrong in my book.
  2. Nicole's "Mama" is disappointing actually, she kept it oo safe.

    No time for Hyorin trying Soyou's clothes or whatever GD&Co trying to sell.

    Wa$$up sounds promising.
  3. [video=youtube;ab3R9O2eu8A]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab3R9O2eu8A[/video]

    Its nice, but I'm not sure If I'll love it anytime soon. I prefer Mr. Chu, but I've still yet to get that song from Apink which turns me from casual listener to a fan.
  4. It's not as instant as Mr. Chu.

    It also needs Eunji ad-libs. What is this restrained vocal thing?
  5. I can't with A Pink and their dated sound. They really need to switch it up if ever they want to get my attention. I'm not saying they need to do a sexy concept, which they won't, but would it kill them to try something different for once?!
  6. Dek


    LUV is already a change for the fans, they are taking the things with calm and I think they are doing it right.
    The response for LUV is very positive and they are also showing another side here.
    Love the song, its the perfect song for summer.
  7. I actually really like it too! I feel like it's not anything new for them though. The stage outfits looked really nice and I actually thought they looked sexy (but not like AOA or SISTAR sexy haha) Maybe it's because I think women in suits are sexy... My only problem was that most of them looked unhappy while performing it.
  8. Dek


    thats because its a sad song. Bomi smile totally made it though, she had her ring stuck in that black thing hahaha
  9. LUV is perfect. Autumn's answer to NoNoNo.
  10. Korea is finally catching on to the fact that Up & Down is a major tune and Hani is a stone cold fox. It's an early Christmas miracle.
  11. They do look sexy, I'll give them that.

    Popjustice for EXID!
  12. NoNoNo is still amazing, and APink's best song. LUV sounds nice, the music video will probably make me like it more. APink songs sound like early 2000s Kpop to me...the nostalgia is nice.
  13. EXID now #11 on Melon, what.
  14. Jihyun's web drama surpassed 5 million views, which is apparently a record.

    That's probably the most money Cube has gotten outside of Hyunah's solo promotions...
  15. Can it make it into the top 5?! I'm still confused as to what's giving it this sudden surge in momentum. It can't just be Hani and her sex appeal.

    eSNA is featured on the other track of MAMAMOO's single. It's nice and jazzy. I keep thinking of Bioshock while I listen to it.

  16. When a song manages to get itself on a viral trajectory it simply seems to become an unstoppable force and the initial reasons it got there seem to not matter. Top five would not surprise me. Hopefully EXID's new company knows better how to not squander this rare second chance.
  17. Glad EXID's single is gaining traction. That Hani fancam obviously helped but it's a very good song anway and I love the MV.

    Wow i'm shocked at the Wa$$Up's mini teaser. The songs sound decent and it's actually cohesive!
  18. Liking it more and more each day!!

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