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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Tahiti's song sounds great! Can't wait for the official version. The girl screwing up the dance was funny.

    8 members! I wonder if Sojin is one of them.
  2. The Seeya is killing me with the live stages. The harmonies are incredibly well done.


    Also it appears Seoyoung has cut back on the wailing in the live performances. It's so much better! Plus we get the original shirt lifting choreography!
  3. [video=youtube;3rjd5PShmdk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rjd5PShmdk[/video]

    The video is adorable and the song is great!
  4. Sojin is one of them! The other girl is named Keumjo ... and she looks like she'll fit in quite nicely!! I'm excited!!!

    EDIT: Keumjo was in a music video last month!

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  5. Keumjo looks amazing! I'm already a fan.

    Honestly, I didn't know how I would feel with a Sera, Eunji, and (especially) Leesem-less Nine Muses, but I've just been dying to have new material, and I think since I've had a year (or six months in Sera's case) to let the departures settle in, I feel so ready to welcome this new line-up. That said, Keumjo and Sojin better knock it out of the damn park because they have enormous shoes to fill.
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  6. I guess they gave up on the height requirement. Keumjo looks great and is supposed to be a strong vocalist.

    I hope they have a solid track for them. The producer's list of previous works leaves a lot to be desired.

    Still I'm excited for one of my favourite groups to make a comeback.
  7. I miss when kpop was fun and stupid shit like this was normal.

  8. [video=youtube_share;M9medBE7GD4]http://youtu.be/M9medBE7GD4[/video]
  9. I actually really like it. It's got the usual components that everyone and their mother seems to be doing nowadays but it's still nice!

    But even I'm becoming tired of the concept. I totally understand why so many groups are doing it but still. I want something revolutionary to come out from a girl group again. Or I want more Because of You/Lonely/SIGN type songs to come out again.
  10. They still do that.


  11. I feel like this verged way more into jazz territory than your typical Brave Bros production from 2014. I quite like it.

    Anyone else get visions of Kiss&Cry's Domino Game MV?
  12. I love "Phone Number" even though I was iffy about it when I first heard it! I am also getting slightly tired of the sexy concept too (even though it's probably my favorite kind haha). I want more stuff like SONAMOO, f(x), and mature Apink style stuff this year. You can say what you want about "LUV" but it was one of my favorite songs of last year!
  13. I definitely agree. I'm the first one in line for a sexy concept, but recently they've just got so obvious and monotonous. And I agree about LUV too. I've played it more than any of their other singles, even though I prefer Mr. Chu. I think it's because its a nice song to get away from the others.
  14. They really have and it's just boring at this point. Unless the song is really a smash, I can get over the monotony ... kind of like the case with "Sticky Sticky" when it first came out. The concept and sound were nothing new but there was just something about it that hooked me in.

    Dem high kicks tho:

  15. Are G-Friend about to give us Into The New World Part II that everyone has been waiting for?
  16. I can't even with all these faceless girl groups with the same song.
  17. Phone Number at least strays off that 2014 Brave Sound style and into jazz territory. But, the sexy concept needs to go...unless you're Sistar, Girl's Day, or 9Muses.

    Maybe AoA and Exid can stay, as well...
  18. [​IMG]
    Sexy or creepy clown concept?
  19. The "Can't Speak French" of kpop please!!! I hope there is a MV teaser on Friday!

    Some individual teasers:
    Hyuna, Sungah, Minha, and Kyungri! Reminds me of "Tilt My Head".
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