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I need that FIESTAR song NOWWWWW ... I mean waiting for "Black Swan" is hard enough right now and now THIS??? It kind of reminds me of the FANTASTIC OST song they did for "My Lovely Girl". I'm so ready!
I hope SM is going to release something from SHINee or SNSD soon because I feel like I haven't had new music from them in ages. The only Kpop I've really enjoyed recently is Crazy and Like a Cat. (I'm not hugely into all Kpop.)
That synth!!!!

I love it! This is the Rainbow we need.

The MV is absolutely mesmerizing! Jisook is just so captivating and Yoonhye's eyes are beyond ridiculous. Noeul and Yoonhye still got the short end of the stick. They got the flimsiest of lines. Like it's up there with Boram's two words in Lovey Dovey. Woori's rap was kinda weak. It should have been a little longer or they could have given her a second part.

Still, this is miles ahead of Tell Me and Sunshine. Gonna go listen to the mini now.

EDIT: The mini is fantastic! Not a single dud. Bad Boys Cry stood out the most for me.
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Not as terrible as Sunshine/Tell Me (but there were some great album tracks from that era) but I find Black Swan disappointing.

Just seems a bit boring. Maybe it will be a bit of a grower.
Not sure if anyone would care, but this is the latest on Kim Hyun Joong's baby mama drama.

Kim Hyun Joong releases official statement on his alleged marriage plans with 10-weeks pregnant girlfriend

Key East Entertainment released an official statement in regards to the rumored reports which revealed that Kim Hyun Joong is allegedly getting married to his ten-weeks pregnant girlfriend.

They wrote:

"In regards to the assault case between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi, the agreement was made back in September. It is true that Kim Hyun Joong and Choi met after the lawsuit, however, they decided to break up towards the end of the year. A few days after, (Early January of this year) Choi told Kim Hyun Joong that she was pregnant.

Kim Hyun Joong and his parents have attempted to contact Choi and Choi's parents and requested that both families meet and discuss the current situation of the expectant mother and make a visit to the agreed hospital and doctor for examination. However, Choi denied these requests and currently cannot be contacted.

Yesterday (February 22) after the reports, Kim Hyun Joong attempted to contact Choi again to confirm the pregnancy, but was not able receive a response. Rumors of both families meeting and discussing marriage are groundless. Kim Hyun Joong stated that if Choi's pregnancy is true, then he will be taking on the necessary responsibilities.

We ask to refrain from releasing news reports that stretch the meanings of one sided opinions when the truth has not yet been confirmed."

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015...riage-plans-with-10-weeks-pregnant-girlfriend

The first VIXX single I'm not immediately in love with ... however I can tell it will grow on me. Plus they all look freakin adorable soo ... It also doesn't help that "Black Swan" and the whole mini are ALL I've been listening to today and it's hard to get away haha They also FINALLY released "Memory" in studio form though!

Not a fan at all of Love Equation. It's a nice break from all the dark concepts, but this is way too cute, even for them. They should have released something along the lines of Only U.

It's all about Rainbow for me right now. I've had the chorus to Black Swan stuck in my head all day.
It's cute, if completely unremarkable. As far as "VIXX are happy" songs go, GR8U is not only better, but also manages to preserve the group's identity. This one feels like something a nugu idol would put on their debut to fill up the song quota for a mini. I can't be bothered to check out the original to see if it's any better, either.

"Black Swan" is alright.
I think this is the first VIXX single I won't listen to again, and I'm rather partial to the lighter poppy sound generally.

Is it just me not keeping up with it as much, or has K-pop gotten really, really stale in the last several months/year? Literally nothing has piqued my interest or made the iPod cut. I'm sure there's always more indie stuff that's great, but the mainstream has been slacking bad.
I like Rainbow's track. It doesn't quite pop like it should but there's a bit more life in it than Nine Muses comeback.

It's nice of SM to let Rainbow use their MV sets from 2010 though.
I've enjoyed a lot of recent releases: Infinite H - Pretty, Shinhwa - Memory, Davichi - Cry Again, Apink - Luv, A.Kor - Always, Nine Muses - Drama, etc.

Then again, I'm new to k-pop so everything is fascinating. Except that new VIXX single, I like it but it's nothing special.
VIXX are better than this haha In fact this is probably my least favorite release of theirs. To be honest though I wasn't looking forward to this comeback too much so I'm not too upset.

I'm surprised that not many people on here like "Black Swan" ... it's probably my favorite song of the year so far! I can't wait to see the performances!!
Awful news about Bob Girls. I hope Jina is okay. It's good that Chrome isn't being horrible and asking them to pay back debt.

K-pop is typically slow in the winter but these recent months have been unusually dire. Rainbow's new mini is nearly perfect though and I'm so glad they replaced the typical ballad with a fantastic sexy R&B slow jam.
I've had 'Black Swan' on repeat since it was released! I really love it. Everything about it!

K-Girl groups have given me some great singles for the start of the year with two months in! Black Swan, Crazy, Drama, Wiggle Wiggle, Phone Number (TAHITI) and Always (A.KOR)!
Devestating news. Kara hopeful and DSP trainee 'Ahn Sojin' was found to have commit suicide. She was not set to debut in DSP's upcoming girl group 'APRIL'.


This is so heartbreaking...