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Yes, she left the company last month when her trainee contract wasn't renewed, and she wasn't set to debut with April. It's just so sad, she spoke about how her family (specifically her father) wasn't supportive of her career path. I can only hope her family were on good terms with her before her passing.
RIP for Sojin, it scares me when things like this happens, i hope their family finds peace with this situation. Has DSP made any statements yet?

Moving to another topic, i really love Rainbow's comeback song, it sounds amazing on earphones, and it reminds me a lot of Miss A's Hush in the way that it has amazing beat but sound quite "silent". A+, i think it's really good, specially after the mess that 4 minute released.
That's just devastating news. It appears the shitshow that was 2014 hasn't stopped and is well in gear in 2015.

In other news, G.I is back outta nowhere. The weird thing is that OneKet and another member are currently suing the company. There's another member that left in 2014, so that leaves 2 girls in the group currently.

The song is pretty good. It reminds me of the pre-release track Because Of You. The drums and hi-hats sound an awful lot like Rihanna's Umbrella though.

ANDAMIRO is back with a new name and a new sound. She's going just by ANDA now.

Dem fanboys...


I really like ANDAMIRO's new song!! Glad to see her again even if it's a different style
In mid-March, Ga In will be releasing a new album titled ‘hawwah.'

For her upcoming album, Ga In will be representing the modern-day Eve. The story of Eve stems from the book of Genesis which narrates the birth of Eve, the first woman who was born from Adam’s ribs and is a representation of life. She was forbidden by God from eating the forbidden fruit, but with the temptation from a snake, she broke the golden rule and committed mankind’s first sin.

I'm always here for Ga-In and her biting social commentary. So pumped!

(the title is a romanization of '하와' which means 'Eve'.)
I'm always here for Ga-In and her biting social commentary. So pumped!

(the title is a romanization of '하와' which means 'Eve'.)

Tried to post this for ages but then the forum died. Finally something interesting in K-Pop!

And apparently BEG are working on their comeback for a June release. And they told us Ga-In was aiming for March since last year, so maybe they're getting better at predicting times!
Yes please to Ga-In and BEG coming back (finally!!!). Although, that said I hope Ga-In's is better than the last one, which was a major step down from her first two solo mini albums. The concept sounds interesting, thats for sure.

I quite like Rainbow's Black Swan, which is a first as they've never interested me before. The video moreso, though the wide-eyed looks of manic terror were a bit much by the end.
BoA is in full album production mode judging by tweets and instagrams.. and all the producers featured so far are very firmly RnB, which is great. I'm glad she's got clout to do her own thing and not get the regular Universal Europe teams. Hopefully the lead single is done by her though.

I've actually been really impressed with Jimin. The girl's flow is pretty spot on, she just doesn't have the attitude to go toe-to-toe with Cheetah though.
The choreography looks even better with the back-up dancers! The song in full is FABULOUS!!

That was damn good! The chairs make more sense now that the backup dancers are there.

Shinhwa released their Sniper video a few days ago. The song is surprisingly good.

So SHINee's "Your Number" leaked, and it's a BOP! Perfect for them to play at the sold-out Tokyo Dome concerts in March. The video is the same old cutesy crap concept you'd expect SM to give them for Japanese release, but at least they look great. God, I can't wait for a Korean comeback! Should be soon.
You weren't kidding, what kind of old school boyband BOP.

(This will probably have been deleted by the time I have posted it.)

And yes, the MV is shit. SM can't be losing that much cash from court cases not to splash out a bit on music videos.