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A: Fiestar has me interested. I love mid-tempos. Dear lord.
B: Shinwa was actually pretty good, I actually sought it out for a second listen.
C: OH MY DAMN, SHINEE. Can a Korean comeback be similar to this? Please?

That said, Taemin looks like a stoned lesbian and Key need to back away from the center part.
Out of all the Kpop acts (other than tvxq) i expected them to put out great japanese music. This is the first time i'm seeing a glimmer of hope. Love the choreography!!!
SM acts usually have better Japanese releases...SNSD's first Japanese album...BoA...TVXQ...
So, I'm not even surprised by that. I'm just surprised SHINee actually released a decent single, again.

Ga In’s comeback has been confirmed for March 12. She will be returning after one year with new album “Hawwah,” Ga In’s first album since her debut to feature double title tracks.
“Hawwah” is also the first album that producer Jo Young Cheol, a renowned hitmaker for the likes of IU and Brown Eyed Girls, has worked on to feature double tracks, demonstrating his confidence in the album.
In the teaser image that APOP Entertainment revealed on March 2, Ga In can be seen sporting an electric blue hairdo and a black sequin top.
Meanwhile, “Hawwah” is the Korean name for Eve from the Bible. Created from one of Adam’s ribs in the book of Genesis, Eve is the first woman that God creates. Satan, taking the form of a serpent, tempts Eve into committing the first sin in the world by taking a bite of out a forbidden fruit.
The album is reportedly Ga In’s modern interpretation of Eve and is being anticipated to be Ga In’s most striking concept yet.
Are you excited for Ga In’s comeback?
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New Ga-In and new Madonna in the same week? Yes, please.

I'm interested to see what BoA's cooking up this time around. I just wish she could get her second wind or something... I mean, I know she started really young but it's a shame to see her career sort of plateau before she's even turned 30.
She's released 16 studio albums. No artist stays on their royal peak for that long. She's cruising doing what she wants to do now and getting some good chart placements out of it.

This Lovelyz group sure delivers that catnip pop.. finally some cutesy k-pop doing that formulaic stuff as well as AKB-style jpoppers

Jace being added to Unpretty Rapstar was a joke ... yeah she's better than Lil Cham but she is down right boring. Tymee makin' me proud I almost cried haha I don't think Jimin should have won the spot on the track in all honesty. I felt her lyrics were lacking compared to Tymee's ... that and Tymee's voice on the track sounded better in my opinion. I do however love how Jimin is surprising everyone all the time! Unfortunately, I don't see her winning the competition but she will definitely make it pretty far!

ALSO, JYJ's Junsu released another album with a GREAT title track:

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Ga-in's mini album will have 6 songs and 2 title tracks.




I have no idea if that's her ass in the first shot. I have no idea why she's baking a stuffed animal. And I have no idea why she has a third arm.

But I'm ready.
This Lovelyz group sure delivers that catnip pop.. finally some cutesy k-pop doing that formulaic stuff as well as AKB-style jpoppers

Lovelyz don't strike me as all that formulaic. They definitely borrow certain elements from acts like Apink and IU but also already have a consistently unique sound that's quite different from other cutesy groups at the moment. Maybe it's as simple as all that reverb on the synths that give their songs a more dreamlike quality, or certain music-compositional choices that remind me of 80s adult contemporary music (not everyone's favorite genre, I know). Their album tracks in particular are a real breath of fresh air to me, like the other new song on the repackage:

Boy I've really missed the sort of crazy overblown K-pop videos that Junsu just released. Also, what a pleasant surprise to see Andamiro come back!