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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Really liking this song, it's nothing new but the way Crush delivers is just great and I love the video's message. Yay for a gay couple!
  2. Paradise Lost delivers. The art direction of the video and choreo are flawless. Musically it's not Gain or Lee Min Soo's best but still very good. Kim Eana's lyrics are obtuse as usual so it's difficult to draw any concrete conclusions about its meaning, but it's difficult to interpret lines like "they're making up a story so they can control you and me" in any way that isn't at least a little subversive. I like all the songs on the mini except Apple, which happens to be the one song that's doing really well on the charts, but good for her I guess.
  3. I dig Ga-In's release. I've seen some comments from Jo PD, Kim Eana, Hwang Soo-Ah, and it seems they wanted to confront the traditional image of Eve as presented in, among others, Milton's Paradise Lost.

    Hah! That's a sweet and inspiring release.
  4. [video=youtube;cpwnSy2XyLY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpwnSy2XyLY[/video]
  5. I don't know if it's true but I saw on Tumblr that apparently RAINBOW have already stopped promoting "Black Swan" because it was doing so poorly. No Goodbye stage or anything. A true injustice.
  6. Yep, DSP confirmed they've stopped promoting.

    It's such a shame, because they've been away for ages again and suddenly they're gone again. I knew that the general consensus was that Korea didn't like Black Swan, but I didn't think it'd be bad enough to end promotions early.

    DSP needs to sort it out. It's not the girls fault! They better give them another digital single at least later in the year!
  7. [video=youtube;qSEtAC8wkhw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSEtAC8wkhw[/video]
  8. Loved Ga-In's Paradise Lost. Such a great video. She's so incredibly sexy, but in a very casual, almost nonchalant way; she's mesmerising to watch. Others have commented on the different set ups in the video so I don't think I can add much, but overall, it's a winner. Love the chruch organs and strings throughout the song as well, plus the trap beat, the spoken middle 8...

    Thoroughly looking forward to listening to the mini and watching the Apple video. And the performances!
  9. I still stand by my initial comment. Apple is great!

    Rainbow needs to leave DSP ASAP. This is really unfair for the girls.
  10. [video=youtube;k5PE8Jz6doo]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5PE8Jz6doo[/video]
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  11. When the leaked images first hit I assumed it would be more of a watered down cutesy Vacance, but this is shaping up to be on par or better than Happiness!
  12. I don't like all the blonde hair. What have they done to my Wendy!
  13. I'm getting serious 90s Utada vibes from this song

    I love the MV and the song
  14. ^ EFF YASSSSS!! I love it!!
  15. I love it, too, but it's so weird to think how much they've evolved within less than a year. "Happiness" was so super fun, young, careless and from there on they've transformed into this super sleek, elegant unity. I don't know yet what to make of it. I miss the old Red Velvet, but I'm loving "Automatic". Furthermore, they came back with a great MV.
  16. I really like the song, but I can't really tell them apart. The only ones that look distinctive enough are Joy and Seulgi.
  17. Dek


    they are supposed to be a group with two concepts and thats why their name is Red Velvet
    one side is fun, catchy and energetic and the other one is more mature, sexy
  18. The song and video are great, but after finally learning to differentiate the girls from Happiness, I'm lost again, especially with the new member...
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