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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. That choreography looks great. Looks like they can try something other than changing places and waving their arms now Jessica's gone.
  2. Dancing outside instead of in a box, I'm not holding my breath.
  3. I cannot wait for the MV on Friday, it feels like forever since we had no GG music.
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  5. Serri <3
  6. Amazing!

  7. Sherri and Subin should seriously consider leaving Dal Shabet. I like their songs but it just seems like they are not going anywhere as a group.

    "B.B.B" is literally the only song by Dal Shabet I like. "Be Ambitious" is okay but every other song they've had feels kind of meh to me. I'm hoping this new track is a jam like "B.B.B" ... well, I think we're ALL hoping for that haha
  9. In fact here's an MV teaser:

  10. Sistar's iconic fart wafting move is back I see.

    Sounds like it might be good. BBB is top tier. It's unlike anything they've ever released. I'd say Have Don't Have and Hit U are their only other songs I enjoy.
  11. [video=youtube;1bznhU0vPVk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bznhU0vPVk[/video]
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  12. I can already tell I'm going to love this:

  13. That Block B teaser is disgusting but it's no surprise because they've always been trash.

    I still can't stop listening to I'm A Woman Too... I didn't think I'd like a Minah solo song this much.
  14. I'm excited about Bastarz.

    But EXID! Holy fug this sounds amazing! I guess they meant that second song as the title track originally...
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  15. Hot damn! I didn't know Up&Down and Every Night were going to be on the album. I may actually have to buy the mini now!
  16. New SNSD preview. Sort of. There's a lot of talking over the music.

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  17. hmm

  18. First Korean SNSD comeback song that I haven't really liked.... possibly ever! Jessica absence is very noticeable for me.
  19. Can someone please tell me what key the pre-chorus is in. That seems to be the pop go to for sweeping moments that I always find annoying. Other than that I quite like it, though it feels disjointed without the other parts actually sounding different.


    I've been noticing little connective threads to SM stuff recently i.e.: construction equipment=caterpillar in Red Light; Overdose "Someone call the doctor"=Mr.Mr. video; Call Me Baby=Phone in Red Light ringing where the audio was reused in one of the EXODUS trailers; Catch Me If You Can="Come and chase me" in Ice Cream Cake.

    I feel like if I put in the energy I could decode some elaborate illuminati plot.
  20. I quite like Catch Me If You Can! The song really fits in with the current music trend in Japan.

    The choreography looks amazing too. And this has got to be the first SNSD song where the dance line-up has more lines than the vocal line up!
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