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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It's just a shame that they've been away for over a year and this is what they come up with. I much prefer album tracks 'I'm Not' and 'OK Boy' but I wouldn't put this mini up there with their others.
  2. Joker isn't bad. Which is disappointing
  3. Yes on both accounts!

    I'm still jamming to EXID's mini. While I really like it, I can't help but hit the replay button each time Ah Yeah ends. It's the only thing I want to listen to right now.

    Also, rumors were swirling about that Tao was going to leave EXO. SM posted a denial fairly quickly. I personally couldn't care less, but I know they have fans here.
  4. I doubt the rumors are true. They seem to be making a lot of concessions to the remaining EXO-M members in order to keep them around.
  5. [video=youtube;iN7Oaqjejsc]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN7Oaqjejsc[/video]

    EDIT: I have no idea how the links got screwed up.
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  6. [video=youtube;VwV2I5tH4no]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwV2I5tH4no[/video]

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  7. Got me interested and I don't even know any of their songs!
  8. BTS are coming.

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  9. BIGBANG looks bangin' and AJSKH:LKKGKJKDHKJL BTS IS COMING!!!! Suga killing me!! I'm so excited!!

    Also, "Pepe" never grew on me but the first time hearing this song, I loved it. This is sooo much better!!

  10. So EXO just announced three Tokyo Dome dates...and they haven't even debuted in Japan. Meanwhile our faves are struggling to sell a single lol. But I'm happy for them, and also a bit pressed ha. It's kinda scary how huge they've gotten. If their repackage collides with BIGBANG's comeback, it's gonna be interesting. Before I would've bet on BIGBANG, but now I don't know. Speaking of the latter, when is their comeback?!
  11. Exo get 3 dates at Tokyo Dome and Girls Generation only got the 1?
  12. [video=youtube;fCrCUv6rQ7I]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCrCUv6rQ7I[/video]

    Oh wow I like this a lot!
  13. I'm not sure of it. It's definitely not the usual cookie-cutter cute, but idk, something is stopping me from liking it. Maybe I'll go back to it in a few days and try again.
  14. To me the chorus sounds like a GG song but over all this is miles ahead of everything B1A4's ever done! I really enjoyed it!!
  15. Oh My Girl are definitely ones to watch! B1A4 are my favourite boy band so I'll be watching Oh My Girl very closely, hopefully they'll flourish as much as B1A4 have over the years.

    Here's Oh My Girl performing an acapella short performance of Beyonce's Party at their debut showcase

    I love it!
  16. The drums really turn me off. It's too noisy and messy. It's alright during the chorus, but the verses sound painful.
  17. YAAASSS!!!

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