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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Yea I'm kind of interested to know what musical style 2NE1 will go for but that's about it, not too fond of their name to begin with. I like the photo shoot they did recently though, it's fierce! I bet G-Dragon was the stylist for the shoot haha!
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    I dont think this has been posted before, apologies if it has but may I present

    Son Dam Bi vs Girls Aloud-Saturday Night

    It might hark back to 2001 when the bootleg was en vogue but its works so well, and the video is about 1000 times better than anything Girls Aloud has ever produced, it has wigs and roller skates (anyone else thinks that Son Dam Bi looks like LoveFoxx in the blonde wig and hat?)
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    I'm actually obsessed with Sori's Real Lips. Despite being unable to speak a word of Korean, I find it infectiously catchy.
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    Wow the mix is like 1000000 times better than the original! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    2NE1 Promo Pictures

    Can't wait for May guys. I'll definitely be watching out for 2NE1's debut...

    CL and Sandara Park

    CL - 2NE1's leader and main rapper. Her rapping A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and I think she's the most talented in the group. Love those cyclops shades. I think she might be G-Dragon's counterpart in 2NE1.

    Sandara Park - 2NE1's vocalist. Has the most potential to crossing over to acting. A former teen idol in the Philippines with her album <i>Sandara</i> being a #1 album in the said country. She has 5 hit movies in Philippines, four of which she topbilled. I think she's TOP's counterpart on 2NE1.

    Park Bom - 2NE1's main vocalist. I thik she's the prettiest member of the group and her voice - IS KILLER! HEard her sing Rihanna's We Ride on YouTube and it was superb. She's speaks fluent English! I think she's Tae Yang of 2NE1.

    Gong Min Ji/ Kong Min Ji - 2NE1's other rapper. I love her rapping! It's as distinctive as CL's. And her dancing is jaw-dropping!!!! I can't say she's Seung Ri or Dae Sung's counterpart cause she's so unique. She's more of the G-Dragon or Tae Yang mix.
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    My favourite is Park Bom, she's so pretty!
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    I'm loving Big Bang at the moment. I recently found out about them and I've been hooked ever since.
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    Because Big Bang - and I will take this with me to the grave - are an "Amazing Asian Boyband". Not to be confused with "Asian Boybands". Those are quite dreadful.
  9. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Korean Pop

    I love the four of them! Especially CL and Sandara!
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    I really like Big Bang, in a similar style Lee Min woo's album 'M Rizing' is fantastic!
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    and the new Super Junior is excellent...
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    I agree, their latest single 'Sorry, Sorry' is amazing! I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard the song. I think they are releasing a new single soon, not sure if it will be from their album but I hope it's something new!
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    not sure if it is 'Monster' but that song should be a single, i think it samples synth line from 'You're Not Alone' by Olive
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    Just heard the song for the first time, well okay it's not bad but I much prefer them to release something more 'fun'.

    Anyway I want to share this video, kinda old but it's a mash-up of 'U-Go-Girl' performances by Lee Hyori. I just love everything about it: fun song, amazing sets, great performer etc. And can you believe she's 30 this year? So hot!


    For anyone who haven't seen this, it is a MUST-WATCH!
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    I heard Lollipop for the first time today, and after getting over my initial disgust for it, I grew to love it after only three listens. It's just ridiculously catchy and a damn good song. It's also sort of making me not hate Big Bang anymore. At least 3 of them are hot.
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    Lollipop is one of those songs you think you dislike on first listen but then you randomly remember it 3 days later and go back to confirm that you in fact don't really like it. Oh wait, it's kind of catchy now. Third listen, yes it's going on iTunes.

    The best thing in the song is how they pronounce the word rainbow.

    Super Junior's Sorry is ridiculously annoying and repetitive, but I find myself listening to it often...
  17. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Korean Pop

    Lollipop is Number 1 on the Korean Charts (and Number 2 on Music bank) even without promotion!!!

    I hope 2NE1's first single will be as big as Big Bang's Lies. If they prove to be successful, then the Wonder Girls and SNSD will have a new rival.

    Speaking of the Wonder Girls, they're doing an ENglish Vresion of Nobody for their US debut.

    And who has heard Big Bang's NUMBER 1? It's in full english! But it's a bit crappy.
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    That described my experience with it almost perfectly. Downloaded it last night and it already has 54 plays.

    That's great news. I'm glad the song is doing so well and I hope that 2NE1 can continue to be successful with their first actual single. I'm very interested to see how they sound without Big Bang dominating the entire song.

    And I was just reading about Wonder Girls' US debut earlier. To be entirely honest, I actually think that if their singing English isn't bad, that they could have a chance of at least having one hit here in the states. Nobody is a fantastic song, and they wouldn't be your typical crossover act, that's for sure.
  19. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: Korean Pop

    Sorry for the T.O.P./Sandara Park pairing obsession, but the news is out weeks before that Sandara Park of 2NE1 will do a made-for-TV movie with Seung Ri and T.O.P. of Big Bang. I really like it when they pair up T.O.P. and Sandara. They're really good in Gummy's I'm Sorry MV. The acting was like - WHOA!!! I felt like crying after finishing the video when I watched it for the first time when it was released.



    To those who haven't seen Gummy's [​IMG], please do watch the MV. Though it' has your typical Asian-drama ending, it's still worth watching.
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