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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I'm pretty aware of everything up until 2016, so we're cool on 2015. 4Minute (RIP), SISTAR, and 2NE1 (RIP) were my OG faves, so I'm up on SISTAR, HyunA, and Fo Minut's last releases. I like everything though, girl and boy groups; a good song is a good song.

    I'm LOVING 'TT' and 'Rolling'! I also loved Tiffany's EP from last year, and off the top of my head 'The 7th Sense' was one of my favorite singles I caught from last year, I love that whole glossy take on hip-hop. Thank you guys!!!
  2. Wonder Girls last album Reboot and their last mini album Why So Lonely. Not an exaggeration in the slightest but literally every single song on both releases are phenomenal. The last 2-3 years were very good for the WGs (until they disbanded TT).
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  3. @DarkSacoura
    They've been mentioned before but listen to Secret and I Wish by WJSN! You should watch the MVs too because they're fantastic.
    Also : Berry Good - Don't Believe
    CLOSER and Windy Day by Oh My Girl
    The whole Crystyle EP by CLC
    Oh Ma Mind and Love Is a Sudden by the late MIXX
    The album Red Planet by BolBBalgan4.
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  4. @DarkSacoura - Asides from the great songs mentioned so far this year I'd go with:

    And 2016 wise the lovely unnies of this sub-forum picked 100+ songs they enjoyed for the SOTY rate so definitely have a gander there.
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  5. flop fan.
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  6. ddd stop quoting my flop posts.
    I've been using the WGSN website a lot for work lately so yeah. Sorry Cosmic Girls.
  7. I still never get their name right either. I never know if it's WSJN or WJSN. Thank God Spotify is good at understanding spelling mistakes.
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  8. Don't forget to bless yourself with this one either @DarkSacoura:

  9. I rewatched this performance and I'm shook all over again
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  10. Flashback is a masterpiece and the pinnacle of fembot EDM dub-step. I literally forget they ever released anything else.
  11. I'm in Flashbackbackbackback.
  12. Flashback is easily my favourite song by them. That production! That chorus! I love it.
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  14. If I was held at gun point and was forced to decide what my favorite After School single is ... I'd probably have to say "Because of You".
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  15. @DarkSacoura Just ignore everything that others recommended to you and listen to these :

    CocoSori - Exquisite
    AOA - Good Luck ( this has one of the best rap verses if you like rap genre )
    Hyoyeon - Born To Be Wild
    Everything that Momoland released so far.
    Loona - all of the pre-debut songs.
    This one is from 2015 but still great : Amber - Shake That Brass.
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  16. He


    We share the same faves!
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  17. Oops I forgot T-ara's 2016 comeback.
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  18. He


    Ok, let's not cross the line.

    Ti Amo is serviceable enough.
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  19. You know I know I love you @Alouder98 but...

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  20. I'm really really sorry but absolutely not.
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