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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. they make it easy to hate them
  2. He


    Ok, don't hate me but I'm here for that mamameh track.
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  3. Jenga and I'm Worse/Didn't Know Me (conflicting English titles) are the titles.
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  4. It's so much better when they do songs where the emphasis is the singing instead of the unfunny videos. This is a good song but it's no Paint me or Decalcomanie.
  5. The video is pretty cute also it’s directed by the same guy who directed Taeyeon’s I? because is can see the similarities

    the song on the other hand..
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  6. Thank goodness.
  7. Sounds like a bop (& in a kinda Secret-meets-April Story-esque way no less) - I see them using one of the sets from Ending Credit too. Good omens.
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  8. They take themselves too seriously. Like I understand they are much better vocalists than most of their peers who literally got their place within their group on the base alone of having a cute nose regardless of dancing and singing abilities, or whatever, but we need more extra.

    'Starry Night' is a cute bop, though, I'll give them that.
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  9. He


    But MAMAMOO also seem to take themselves not too seriously? Aren't they really big dorks and always being extra and racist?
  10. Okay, but where's that in the music, in the music videos?

    Where are the "big dorks" and the "super extra" in the Starry Night's MV, in which the 104 sceneries they've filmed to fill up those 3 minutes seemed to have more personality than them?

  11. April Story
    Dream Candy
    Tinker Bell
    Take My Hand

    But WAIT @ me loving to liking all of these songs, suddenly the April stan is me Ddddd.

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  12. "Muah!" is terribly underrated. I'm getting subtle KARA vibes from that comeback teaser!! It already sounds like it's going to be fantastic! I am READY!
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  13. Muah! is my favorite April song. That chorus is SUCH a sugar rush.
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  14. fromis_9.

    Just sayin.
  15. Ready for the [Melody Fix] one xoxo
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  16. To me they're too extra all the time to the detriment of the song. So a video like Starry Night is a refreshing change.
    I put four of their mess videos in spoilers just so people don't have to see them because I sure don't want to.

  17. Yes I know, this was shade because their last three videos (Paint Me, Star Wind Flower Sun and Starry Night) have all been incredible snoozefest, and for the most parts, so were the songs as well.

    I much prefer when they are actually being silly and dorks, although I'm not really checking for them either dddd.
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  18. MAMAMOO are sorta like the Katy Perrys of Kpop - problematic with “humourous” videos
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