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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Eh, it was decent until that poor chorus.

    I continue to be disappointed by men most boybands.
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  2. CLC as backup dancers during Ilhoon performance at music core today ..
  3. Get your promo with Ilhoon sunbae, queens!
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Just realized that Heize is so gonna block Mamamoo from getting a #1 song in the Gaon Chart. Again.

  5. Wait this bops a bitsy.
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  6. I can't believe MOMOLAND are STILL promoting "BBOOM BBOOM"... Then again on the gaon chart, "BBOOM BBOOM" is right under "Love Scenario" and is still in the Top 10 on Melon. Aren't they supposedly even making their debut in Japan this year? Such queens.
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  7. Kings of talent
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  8. Win-win.
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  9. So NCT Dream and 127's concepts have been switched?

  10. Mino has pink hair at the moment. It's lit.
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  11. dddd at the comments on that Instagram post being all about Blackpink
  12. Aw the two best former Nine Muses members reunited for Sera's solo concert. I miss them.
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  13. So like why did they do 2 NCT U comebacks, 1 NCT DREAM comeback and now an NCT127 comeback but Kun isn't in any of them? He's just going to join as NCT2018 without ever existing in the songs before?

    Unless Kun was in one of the comebacks hiding out in the background or something I need to check again.
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  14. This is probably the first GOT7 release I have been excited for in a while

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  15. Queens of snatching the spotlight from cover dancers. Judging by other videos after they came out they ended up doing solo Black Dress and Hobgoblin performances without Diana (the cover dance group).
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  16. So, GFRIEND's Japanese debut is a best of album and the title track is...
    Me Gustas Tu -Japanese version-
    Available on May 23rd.
  17. GFRIEND's career found dead on arrival in Japan
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  18. Blackpink found rotting in the dungeun.
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  19. To be honest, it's not their strongest track, but the sound and styling fits in with most JPop girl groups. Rough would've been the better option, though.
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