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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. The Jinyoung and Yugyeom dance

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    EDIT: Ok but wait at this getting better with repeated plays. It's very much a Secret x April Story hybrid I didn't realise I needed.

    I also really like the GOT7 song surprisingly, probably the first since If You Do to really catch me.
    Shame i'll probably never listen to it because JYP & Spotify y'know...
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  3. Love the new GOT7 song, apart from JB's voice on the final chorus and Jackson's constant need to sound gruff.
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  4. JB and that mullet made me cringe in the teaser images and more so in the video... Let's change that plz. Other than that, the visuals are on point and the song is fantastic!

    The APRIL track wins it for me though. It isn't outrageously catchy but I love everything about this comeback. Also THOSE BLUE DRESSES ARE TO DIE FOR!! They all look stunning!
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I have very high expectations about this. I followed very carefully P101 but all their tracks kind of disappointed me. I hope it will be the one! They are on the right track with IPU tho.
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  7. NCT 127 is a mess now
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  8. It kind of sounds like an early SHINee track. I'm cautiously optimistic?
  9. I'm emailing alkpop right now about how it plagiarizes Prayer In C.
  10. NOT Starry Night being the first recommended video when you watch Prayer in C on YouTube.
    Contacting Lily Wood right this minute.
  11. I’m not a fan of some of the production choices on Look but it’s still their best comeback since If You Do. Was hoping I’d get more Youngjae though and was surprised at how great Yugyeom was.
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  12. Did she meditate while recording this

  13. I mean... it's okay but f(x) didn't die for this.
  14. This is just another case of a song having good verses & pre-choruses but being ruined by not having a chorus.

    The good thing is it's not the title track, so there's still hope.
  15. Okay, I really like this.
  16. GOT7 gave us their poppiest, straigh up bop withc touche of basicness, JB's hair though, poor ha!

    Who broke NCT 127?!

    Victoria, I respect your hussle but that cute album filler is not worth delaying f(x) comeback.
  17. 'Palette' just hit me and it's everything I need right now. Hopeful lil chill bop.

    We love an icon, a budget, and a grand stage design.
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  18. Does Suzy's 'Sober' rip off 'Bad Liar'??
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