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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. CHILD

    @D is for Danger! I've been listening to it the last few days, but no one besides like one other person is ever receptive to my rnb-ish interests.

  2. Ddddd at this causing even more fighting between boy group stans and Big 3 vs BigHit fights.
  3. WHY would they do this?! A damn mess.
  4. Just as As If It's Your Last was about to become best selling 2017 release by a GG. Gaon confirmed antis.
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  5. He


    One thing, since Korea now hates the girl crush concept, how come YG can get away with it and have so much success? Is it name alone? Payola?

    I mean besides Shaman Unnies scamming / clothing making powers.
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  6. Well, Blackpink releases one song per year so people just take it for what it is.
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  7. I dunno why this popped into my head but now I’m sad that SIY didn’t manage to become one of the big solo divas.

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  8. I *think* they may possibly still release the numbers on the monthly charts and yearly chart. (I saw someone say they may also bring back official certificates that stopped being a thing when the old Korean charts went out of business and before Gaon was created, but that could just be baseless rumors)

    It's just an odd choice, since it lowkey looked like they only did that for albums because album sales are so low, and while downloads are falling, streaming is rising. I think they even said they were changing their ratio to better represent streaming.

    bolbbalgan4 are really about to be the it girls of Korea.
  9. Double post ddd but:


    - Nugus VAV are scheduled for a comeback on the 29th. I think the same day as Suzy.

    - Day6 are debuting in Japan.

    - Weki Meki comeback likely pushed back to early March:

    - Heize preparing a new project soon:

    - WINNER comeback scheduled for February:

    GIRLKIND - Fanci [Teaser]

    PENTAGON - Violet (Japanese Version) [Teaser]
  10. hoon.png

    Hoon's shoes, though. Oddest thing I've seen today.
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  11. VAV?! Yes!

    She's Mine was a J.A.M.
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  12. I already love this, which means it's going to be such a flop.
  13. I'm so ready for this ...
  14. Why can’t my gym sessions be this lit?

    Blowdart me with your magical dance flute, Queen e.t.c
  15. Momoland vs The Boyz for the #1 today, someone’s getting their first win

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  18. Not sure how they won cause The Boyz were like 34% in pre-voting and N.Flying was 33%. Then voting closed and suddenly Momoland was 2nd. But either way the song was a bop, so good for them.
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  19. He


    Tropicana, ha power!
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