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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. My ballot for the January charts :

    1 Sunmi - Heroine
    2 Sunmi - MV Teaser
    3 Sunmi - Scene #3
    4 Sunmi - Scene #2
    5 Sunmi - Scene #1
  2. God Sunmi is fucking gorgeous.
  3. I'm really trying so hard to like Twice and they just have to make it so difficult...
    Like Ooh Ahh was actually incredible and I wish they could reclaim that brilliance...
  4. They're so precious. And this is one of the best cameraworks M Countdown has done. Jiho really delivered the visuals and the aura even though she was only sitting on a chair the whole time.

    My favorite part of the performance is the middle eight where Seunghee was was singing and she ended towards Jiho's position for the latter to deliver her killer part.

    And Arin... It's so obvious that they're slithering her in as the center of this comeback and she did not disappoint.
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  6. They're so good.
    The song is doing pretty well, right?
  7. It is doing very well. It peaked at #2 in Melon and is still holding strong in the Melon top 40. This could be bigger than Aing (their biggest hit and only top ten single far).
  8. I haven't been this happy for a winner since f(x) won for "4 Walls!" I can't wait see this on cable when M-Net America finally airs it... about five months from now...
  9. Let me drop some true talent on yo!


  10. Put this date in your calendars and set a reminder on your phones and set it as your desktop background:

    Less than 2 weeks until the day of the sIay
  11. Such creativity and effort in that poster.....

  12. Full version here:

    Oh, and they’re coming back in March!
  13. [​IMG]

  14. Talent giving us more content.
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  15. Loona 1/3 comeback cancelled.
  16. Oh My Visuals are just so good. And that rap - Queen Mimi SNAPPED.
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  17. Are the music shows competing as to who gets to have the best comeback stage for Oh My Girl?

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  18. This is me screaming throughout the second video.
    No but seriously, the live stages made the song go from a 8 to a perfect 10 for me and I’m so glad Jiho is back. Everything has been on point this era.
  19. Yaaaaasssss.

    And please give Oh My Girl's stylist a daesang. Thank you.
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  20. Red Velvet about to storm SM head office demanding to know why they didn't get their hands on this track.
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