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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I'm kind of ready for Taeyong NCT to grab me by the thrussy this year.

    Please, boys. Make us proud.
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  2. Jiho is really shining in this comeback. I hope they can get a win this time around, even if it's just on The Show or whatever.
    Can the MOMOLAND fans tell me how to rig the voting system? Thanks xx
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  3. Gugudan already coming back with a Celtic mythology concept. I hope they all wear thigh high, lace up red boots.

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  4. This sounds like EVERYTHING I could want to be honest - Gugudan pulling out the bonkers but brilliant concepts once again. A "Cait Sith" has popped up in a number of forms across East Asian medias and judging by the below you're really not far off the mark:
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  5. Oh my god I love this already
  6. Could it be...
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  7. Laughing so hard. I SO ENTIRELY miss when T-Ara used to crank out these things. I LOVE Boppy Boppy Boppy.
    Jiyeon is just too adorable for words.
  8. Jesus, the memories.
  9. Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme ow
  10. It’s not Gashina but nothing is... Its pretty cute
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  11. Why do I think the pre-chorus of Heroine is similar to pre-chorus of Fight For This Love nn.

    I love the song after a few plays.
  12. It really is, this was my first thought too. (The “anything that’s worth having...” part in FFTL anyway). The video is great, obviously, but I’m not sure it’ll hold up as well when listening without it. We’ll see, Gashina took until i went back to watch the live stages a couple months later to really click.
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  13. I actually love how cinematic it feels.

    I think based on the subtitled lyrics that the title of Heroine may give context to the song? And make the chorus more sarcastic/not as straight-forward?

    Just reading the lyrics as text makes it sound like she's sacrificing for her hero and choosing to be strong for his needs, but if this is supposed to be about the same relationship that Gashina is, it makes me wonder if that's not how the emotion of the lyrics read in Korean and it's more of a "I don't need you to be strong for me because I'm my own hero(ine) and will be strong for myself" affair.

    Regardless, I'm bopping.
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  14. #3 debut on Melon. Digital selling goddess!
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  15. I LOVE IT. It may not be a moment like Gashina was, but I love everything about this. Yes, parts of it sounds similar to Fight For This Love, but Cheryl wishes she had half the talent and charisma Sunmi has. The video is stunning and that smile at 2:29 ended me.
    We don't deserve her.
  16. I love Sunmi's new song. It's different, but shows a different side to Gashina. I'm looking forward to her album if she puts one out.
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  17. The show must go on.

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