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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. @junglefish serving that tea:




    9muses should have won with Remember.
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  2. Me living for this mess teebs.


    I love them both... mash up collab?
  3. Apparently these articles are written by someone in Korea known for making up headlines to get clicks and views. I wouldn’t trust anything until it comes from the girls. Remember they were gonna take a break before discussing or trying anything. Those instagram posts were only a couple weeks ago saying they were taking a vacation and now suddenly they’re breaking up? Seems fishy to me.
  4. Success comes in many forms. The fans are the real win. Simlish rapping e.t.c.
  5. Biggest accolade of their careers I'm so proud.

    Biggest until they snatch SO+Y first place when people aren't looking
  6. If it did not come from T-ara OT6, just don't believe it immediately.
  7. POP ANTHEM confirmed.
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  8. Okay, I have a lot of questions. First: Which one of you did this?!

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  9. I




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  10. His single with Travis Scott sat atop the iTunes charts almost cracked the Billboard top 100..

    Also, it's the half-time show...
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  11. Should I know who Kris is?

    I literally have no idea.
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  12. Ex-EXO
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  13. One of the former EXO members who left because SM was sidelining the Mandarin-language half of the group and not giving them much to do for a bit, I believe.

    Tao's, another former EXO member, new song was like #9 on US iTunes for a little bit but I couldn't find it on Youtube or Spotify to link (and most of the Chinese former EXO members' iTunes sales are probably pulling a Jane Zhang) so I didn't bother mentioning it in here ddd.
  14. Kris saying he's the "Yeezus of the East" in his new song was a bit of a... kii
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  15. I’m not sure what this means as a phrase either (yes I’m a flop) but Jane’s The Seventh Sense was such a good album.
  16. She spent like a week in the Top 10 on iTunes and it ended up being because her Chinese fans were using proxies to buy from the US store dddd.
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  17. Nice joke.
  18. [​IMG]

    Produce 101's Jung Jung is in the center group and dominated screen time. Justin is also in the show. They should have just made Jung Jung the actual center.
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