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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    Aw, she says Luna from f(x).

    I'll support this even if I have no interest.
  2. Ooo not what I was expecting but this is smooth. @Ceir I think you’d enjoy the vibe of this one.

    My only gripe is the fact they spend half the video in a dull grey construction site when the song deserves something glossier (the suits in the foyer being a better choice). Budget cuts are real y’all.
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  3. And the actual song.
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  4. I mean it's a gorgeous way to introduce IKEA's new season collection but I can hear the stans that were expecting the next Free Somebody cutting up their DHL shirts in anguish as we speak.
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  5. First Shania, now Luna. I'm so tired of being disappointed by popstars.
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  6. She said she was working on an album so we may get some serious bops in there?
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  7. He


    I mean, i'd let SM decorate my house.

    But why are they so "meh" at ballads? Free Somebody definitely had nicer ones.
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  8. I need another week to get Dally out of my system, honestly.
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  9. How is Smash Mouth up there? Is it just Shrek nostalgia?
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Not Loona being ahead of Demi Lovato! Talent!
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  11. Ugh, imagine going from Free Somebody to that.
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  12. hello


    Mina & Jeongyeon got one chorus

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  13. Mina with the double buns

  14. Something I would expect to hear in Dora the Explorer show if I put the TV on in the morning.
  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Honestly, Reboot could've been released today and still sound so fresh.
  16. The video is adorable and they all look so good. Also I really like the distribution cause the J-Line weren’t completely shafted. Poor Rap line though dd. At least they got One More Time. The song is... Existing.
  17. He


    Cute bop. I stan Momo on top of the car. And anything homosexual Sana does.

    But can't JYP give these girls a rest? I doubt they will be less successful if they go away for a couple of months.
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  18. I think I like this most out of the three Japanese releases but that's not saying much considering the songs themselves. The twinkly instrumental deserved better than the songwriting/vocal delivery it got but the video is pretty nice so meh.
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  19. In more interesting news: Who would've thought Dally was a breakup song?
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I need to start making GIFS to spam in Off Topic now.

    When did Hyolyn get that tattoo?
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