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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Black Dress goes off!
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  2. He


    Playing BoA and Uhm Junghwa’s latest minis back to back is just pure bliss.

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  3. This and technically none of them (I might missed something) was wearing a black dress, just black costumes. I feel cheated.
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  4. NCT are really growing up now, aren't they? (Apart from Chenle and Jisung)
  5. Hi all,

    does anyone know how to kidnap someone from a South Korean military base, smuggle them into the UK and annul a wedding?

    Asking for a friend.
  6. He


    I'm pretty certain Rosamund knows her way about this.
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  7. Please come back to Dallas, again.
  8. If you're a visual, nothing can stop you. Jung Chaeyeon is the new Inkigayo MC. Mingyu and a guy named Song Kang are also part of it too.
  9. 1. Why is Taeyeon a giraffe.
    2. Why is TEN growing out of Taeyeon's head like a fibroid.
    3. Why do I wanna sex it.
  10. The audience reaction y'all.
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  11. SM Town World Tour Dubai in April. Who is coming with me?
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. It's already their best song. Come through mama!
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  14. I AM FUCKING DEAD. How come none of your whores tagged me in the new release, I had to be recommended by YOUTUBE and reminded by it.


    Now where's the album, kings?

    Also, I hope they take over as the top male boygroup in SK since BTS's recent output has been utter trash.

    EDIT: I've also grown to love the video so much. So much swag and way to use Ukraine as a backdrop.
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  15. Just when I was running out of that little Cosmo in me.
  16. I see another GRAMAMA nomination for Best Music Video. Iconique already.
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  17. Yes but are they buying
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  18. Can we expect any less from Yuehua? That company is so damn rich so of course WJSN has high-quality MVs! I'm ready, fam! This is giving me magical anime realness and I'm here for it!
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  19. This is going to be so satisfying.
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