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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Not me thinking Roller Coaster would age like milk, but it being a month later and it's aged like fine wine and still sounds like a huge bop.

    Song Of The Year (So Far) really won.
  2. But why did you give it 7 points only in January charts then? beast.

  3. Sis had Rollercoaster era Chung Ha as her profile picture and still did her dirty.

    Even if she didn't receive a single 10 poor Chung Ha unnie.
  4. He


    Yas, my baby Yeunjung, hit those notes!
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  5. Weirdly I've been super late and obsessed with this song this week, while I didn't really care for it when it released.
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  6. I D I E D.
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  7. THIS TOO.

    And Music Bank live performance:

  8. Just a reminder that Black Dress still knocks, the final tempo shift at the end is life affirming.

    Metronome is the only serviceable thing coming from Weki Meki, but I bop. It should’ve been another CLC song teebs.
  9. I can't at Weki Meki if this is their sound. Metronome should have been the title track.
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  10. WHY is Black Dress not on Spotify yet? What a banger. CLC must be one of the most underrated girlbands.
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  11. Seems like very diverse collection but it all sounds at least promising with few sure bangers.
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  12. Clearly not

  13. Seung Yeon is clearly a star and she is in the middle for much of Black Dress and deservedly so.
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  14. So I finally listened to 'Black Dress' totally expecting ya'll peasants to make the most out of nothing, but....

  15. What does Korea need to go through so that the beige taste can be cleansed to a certain extent and different genres and real bops can be awknowledged?
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  16. So... Black Dress debuted at #169 on Genie and #28 on Bugs. They're now out of the top 200 on Genie and #96 on Bugs.
    They didn't chart anywhere else. A disaster.
  17. He


    Why does Korea hate them so much?
  18. Why are these girlgroups all flopping so much, though?

    What's taking up the rest of the charts?

    Pretty sure I saw somewhere that 'Bboom Bboom' also barely made the top 100 or something, and that seems crazy to me.

    (Also how do Kpop acts afford all those nice videos if they can't even sell shit dddd)
  19. They just don’t care about them dd. Honestly I can understand, they’ve delivered the bops but they have no identity at all. Also, it’s clear that Cube is trying to cater to International fans with this comeback and it’s... dumb. It’s not where the money is.
    They've debuted low but they're killing it now. Bboom Bboom is at #4 on Gaon's Digital Chart and they're at #2 on Melon's Realtime Charts.
  20. How do I sue all of South Korea for damages to CLC’s career?
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