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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Also releasing in Korea.
    TWICE coming for Red Veltet and Blackpink at the same time!
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  2. #CookieJar is the worst thing Red Velvet have released. Worse thank Rookie.

    Delete it.

    Taeyeon's MV teaser is out.

  3. He


    “Hashtag cookie jar” is demonic.

    The song is ok.
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  4. I love #CookieJar

    It's Seulgi monopolizing the line diustribution I know but still...
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  5. Summer mood for all this Taeyeon and Tiffany info:

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  6. Jackson five are quaking who knew it would be a fully english cover tbfh.

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  7. Them working at the video store and showing all the movies they used in What Is Love.

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  8. It's a pretty dreadful cover, but queens of not changing pronouns!
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  9. Mina seeing the poster for JYP audition and starting TWICE.

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  10. Good god that was shrill.
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  11. Queens of staying true to the original.
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  12. That was pretty painful.
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  13. The video is cute. We all know Twice can’t sing to save their life (and I still don’t think they have a single song out there without studio pitchy vocals), but you’ve got to admit they are working so damn hard. I hope they are alright and enjoy it all.
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  14. That was god awful. It says a lot about their vocals when they still sound out of tune when auto tuned.
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  15. Patsy Palmer found rotting
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  16. Still recovering from this brutal simultaneous skull drag of 10 separate individuals. Whew.
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  17. In all fairness it's a very hard song to ruin, there's no acoustic guitar or 'earnest' indie-man bleating so their adorably wonky English gets a pass from me.
    Suddenly the option to cancel my pre-order is looking very tempting...
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  18. It's a cover for Japanese movie in their 4th language and our beloved PJ Vocal coaches could've noticed that only 2 members actually had singing lines before coming up with the literally same drag every month, ddd
  19. I still can’t get over this nugu mess.

    There’s a bop in there somewhere, unfortunately buried behind the extremely awkward video and the dead-eyed Ark Music Factory hook ddd.
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  20. I didn't think they'd actually sing 'hash tag cookie jar'

    That's dire.
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