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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Those two are strictly forbidden to get their nails done while doing Japanese promotions.
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  2. My research suggests that bitter SNSD stans not letting go of the past constitute 80% of Kpop related arguments on the internet.

    *ducks for cover*

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  3. To be honest, I never know why people come strictly for TWICE's vocals when 90% of the idols can't sing. Plus TWICE has actually a decent vocal line in Jihyo/Nayeon/Jeongyeon and that's more than you can say for most groups nñn
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  4. I was about to post this.. Not with some groups some people stan here. Dancing & stage presence is equally as important as singing in KPop if not even more.

    Ok but Jennie ate that rap live without stuttering, Rosie sweetie we're not here for another Dinah Jane.
  5. When I watch Soshi completely owning the Tokyo Dome during some of their "you-aholic", "Karma Butterfly", "Great Escape", "Beautiful Stranger" sets, etc, I wonder who (aside from KARA) can grab an entire arena and hold them in the palm of their collective hand like that. When I was new to KPop I didn't like their music much (that's changed) but I'd never seen very many even western groups with that kind of collective charisma. SNSD (who I once thought were Japanese) and SHINee's performance skill and confidence amazed me way before I was interested in KPop.

    I'm coming around to thinking Twice could do it. I'm hardly a ONCE (not even close) but I'm looking forward to their first big arena concerts. Should be interesting.

    And someday, someday, someday.... LOONA and maybe WJSN.
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  6. As a huge SNSD fan, I’ve never understood the hatred towards Twice. Like, can’t we just enjoy the music?

    The comment above that mentioned Twice having a good vocal line though. I mean come on, did you listen to that Jackson 5 cover they just put out? Painful.
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  7. My comment was actually directed at the attack on TWICE because it's very stan-ish.
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  9. Shut the fuck up.

    Your negative energy is unwelcome here on the K-Pop subforum. Go somewhere else where your trash personality and posting history will be appreciated. Your place is not here.
  10. I said decent and that performance had the whole group not just the vocal line. Jihyo can sing, Nayeon and Jeongyeon can hold a note. And that's three more people than most 3rd gen groups have.
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  11. oh my god yes
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  12. why y'all talking about vocal lines and holding a note when we all know who's the best singer of the new generation...

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  13. He


    Get back together!
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  14. It's true they can't barely hold a note, though. I don't know why we need to pretend otherwise when, like people have mentioned, dancing skills and charisma are as much (if not more) important than singing in K-Pop, and they have plenty of that to make it up for it. Let's not get petty when they are literally slaying the game so hard even after all these months, breaking records left and right.

    Personally I'm a lot more worried about their health (both physical and mental) because of how much work they go through. (Especially in light of what happened recently in K-Pop). I really hope they're fine.

    ....Maybe she snapped????
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  15. I really don't feel comfortable with the dashiki + sombrero combination in BAAM's video, but wow, what a song.
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  16. Me to MOMOLAND when the people dragging MAMAMOO, Jackson, Chen and others don't have anything to say about them appropriating 8 395 742 cultures in one video :
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  17. Red Velvet say hi.

    I think Twice need to work with producers that can make them not sound shit. I’m listening to Rollin’ right now and they sound good on that.
  18. But...... the song is a bop!!!!!!!
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  19. Jeongyeon and Jihyo are both great singers. First doesn't get a single line to show it off and second gets served disgusting pitchy parts where she can't even show off her range, try watching their concert videos instead of basing your judgement on... an english cover and Cheer Up.
    Nayeon is nasally but she can work.
    The foreign line is not supposed to sing as they're all part of one of the best dance lines in Korea I don't really know any members of primarly dance lines that are that capable of singing except of course Seulgi....and SinB.
    That leaves us with Chaeyoung an above average skilled rapper (which she showed from early Seventeen days), who writes a lot of TWICE's b-sides alongside Jihyo & Jeongyeon and Dahyun who's pretty talentless but she brings the coin as she's popular so we love her.

    stan TALENT, stan TWICE.

    I hope this is the last time we discuss TWICE's talent, abilities and what not, before I started dragging your faves that are even worse. Smooch and preorder Summer Nights x


    @Dek I expect you to make a video unboxing all 3 versions, hehe
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  20. I love character development.
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