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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Aren't MAMAMOO and EXID considered girl crush?
    What annoys me is that YG stans will eat anything up. They're also the most annoying fanbase, because they tend to think YG idols are more talented than those from other agencies which is err... not true. Maybe GD but other than him?...
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  2. Somehow...I’m fine with this continuing. Jackson is cute and all but his voice is....not great.
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  3. He


    EXID for sure. But their success was just luck, and I'd be very surprised if they have another number 1.

    Oh My God, the "talent" branding for YG idols is insufferable. Like no, they're the same, or even worse than others, they just ha. Doesn't Yang Hyun-suk even have a motto about this? What a prick.
  4. I think you're thinking about the "2NE1 is the most important group in HISTORY" comment, aren't you? Kii.
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  5. He


    Ha. Not necessarily.

    I've seen it a lot in YouTube: "SM only gets pretty faces first (not untrue), YG is all about talent". No child, they're all about beauty, YG just focuses on the Jeremy Scott brand of "coolness", and SM on polished and pretty (thank you Dr Kim).

    I think I've seen YG himself saying this, that he values talent before looks or something along the lines. Which then makes blind stans repeat this.

    Also, not when this jackass of a CEO promoted Blackpink as "pretty and feminine 2NE1".
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  6. Yeah, EXID haven't had a huge success it seems since like... Ah Yeah or Hot Pink, both of which were riding off the new life that Up & Down got from Hani thrusting her hips (and a cam girl on Afreeca TV).

    Though concepts are always confusing cause there doesn't seem to be a set definition really. To some people, girl crush is only when girl groups dress edgier (more """masculine"""), usually with hip hop concepts, and thus (in a heteronormative way) that's why a girl apparently may crush on them (see: 2NE1, Blackpink, sometimes 4Minute, Run Devil Run), but then groups like EXID and Mamamoo wouldn't fit into that concept of girl crush. Though then some say it's just a general term for mature concepts that are neither too innocent or too sexual.

    And it's funny cause like, I somewhat get the difference between a sexy concept vs. a girl crush concept, yet still have no clue really how to explain it and articulate it to someone else.
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  7. Dally already at 2 million views is iconic.

    Iconic song is iconic.
    Iconic video is iconic.
  8. This is the best thing Snuper associated their names with and they didn't even needed to sing.

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  9. Monsta X's debut Japanese album is out and has 4 new songs:
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  11. In terms of JPop, I wish they tried to sound less like an EXILE TRIBE project and more like lol or AAA...

    MEI QI!

    XUAN YI!

    *me when the rap break came in*


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  13. Not him posting #BLACKPINK_Will_Take_Over_Until_The_End_of_This_Year when just couple of weeks ago it was #MAY_Is_For_Blackpink or something like that. Can't wait for #2019_Blackpinks_Year post next month.
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  14. So Sunmi took to Twitter to tell us she hasn’t started work on an album:

    My faves really spoil me.

  15. what the fuck
  16. I thought girlcrush concept was a confident girl who makes the first move and confesses her love to her crush, in opposite to the cute concept where the girl is too shy to do it. Ddddddd

    I blame fucking Kim Lip.
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  17. He



    Now that I stan Love&Live and Sonatine, I like this reaction quite a bit; dead at them shading Hyunjin and Haseul though.

    Also I think they would appreciate 1/3 more than OEC, who are more traditionally mainstream. All in all, it was a good call.
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  18. Some groups try to be cute and innocent, some groups try to be sexy concept, some groups try to be badass, some groups try to be girl crush, and some groups just try to be awesome.
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  19. Why do I feel like the weight has been lifted off my body every time the curtain opens in this:

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