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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Go Won is ADAM CONFIRMED!!
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  2. He


    Scream I hope someone is Adam. And I hope it’s not a man.
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  3. yyxy means Go Won is the only girl in the lineup doesn't it?
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  4. He


    Yves confirmed as an old French man!
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  6. Oh.....biology failed me.
    Wait no biology didn’t fail me, I failed biology!
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  7. Go Won is supposed to be the different one cause in Jaden Jeong PD-nim's post it went like this:
  8. They're gonna be here on my birthday....

    But, the Fort Worth Convention Center?!
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  9. He


    Ah wow. That’s amazing for fans.

    Do we think any girl group could fill venues like this? Twice maybe?
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  10. Do Twice have that big of an international pull? I have a feeling a Red Velvet tour is coming. They're doing a meet and greet in the US, just like SHINee did in 2016. And SHINee came back for a North American tour..

    But, I can't think of a girl group that I've seen international fans go rabid over (besides YG ones that never see the light of day)
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  11. I don't know about the US ones, but the European halls are huuuge!
    Are they really going to sell everything? :o
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  12. Whew the Accorhotels Arena is where all the big popstars come when they do a concert in Paris (Britney, Katy, Mariah, Ariana...) Crazy but I have no doubt it will be a sold out show.
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  13. Staples Center in LA and United Center in Chicago are really big as well. But, I have no doubt Army will swarm them all.
  14. Best Loonatic Twitter account out there.
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  15. Not really he's been making blackface edits, laughing at racist genocide jokes and flirted with minors.
  16. He


    Yeah not sure about TWICE.

    But I think Blackpink could fill big ish venues. Not arenas but maybe in the 5ks.

    From the old armada I think only 2ne1 could tour like these boy bands.
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  17. He


    Fuck. Report him a bit.
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  18. So how do we pronounce "yyxy"? They didn't even provide Hanggul for it. YEXY? YIXY? IXY?
    Oh... Bye to him.
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  19. I drag the living shit out of them but if they come back here imma join the race for tickets, if only so I can drunkenly sing along to Mic Drop.
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