K-Pop (General Discussion)

Sometimes I’m curious if idols listen to stuff similar to their music in their own time or just acoustic/diva ballads. I know Sunmi likes SOHN’s “Conrad” and Seulgi likes Melanie Martinez’s “Soap” (ddd). Apink have individual member playlists on Spotify and I stan Naeun & Namjoo’s pseudo-hipster taste!
Apink have individual member playlists on Spotify

I was checking these the other day and aside from the two you named the others had a really "zzzzzz" taste. And now I'm thinking that most of the ballads we hate might actually be what idols really want to do.

Tiffany also has a (short) playlist on Spotify. The highlights are Christina's Like I Do, Shinee's Good Evening and Ariana and Troye's new collab.
I assume the fact that most idols are trained and debut so young with their crazy schedules left little room and spare time for them to seek out and develop their taste. There’s also the language barrier, those good at English are more likely to connect to more ‘interesting’ Western stuff I guess.

The song of the summer is here, ladies!

This talk about idols listening to songs similar to theirs. I can’t imagine Momoland members are Serebro stans especially with the lyrical content of Mi Mi Mi.
I know a bunch of male artists who stan Chris Brown (ew) and some female artists who stan Rihanna but I don’t hear about what songs in particular artists are into at one given time unless they’re trying to promote a new release by a labelmate or friend.