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SF9 Supposedly coming on the 31st. This fan acc of Rowoon is the only source I have rn nothing on their official pages unless I’m blind.

And here it is. They look good so I'm stanning, no dreadlocks in sight!


Is that the guys singing on the chorus???

Okay but they need to hurry and release it. I can't wait anymore.

That's... unexpected. I mean I don't expect her to release an album an EP a single a digital single anytime soon, but why can't YG just get Lee Hi out of the basement instead of signing a girl who's been flopping since 2012?

Slice of Life

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This breaks my heart (whore @ not tagging me), but at the same time TS Entertainment are terrible and if BAP have to break up to be free from them then I will accept that.

Also Jongup can always go solo.

I would @ you but I know you're a Jongup akgae.

And yeah, I agree. I'd rather see my boys break up than to stay in that shitty company. Still, I'm so sad, unnie.