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Not gonna lie, I'm kind a hyped for new Hara now!

I get it she wants to be new Namie....but gurl not with that styling.
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I think one is actually coming, and not a ballad... the fact that she's hanging with Amber is, in my twisted logic, a positive.

On a related note, I opened my Spotify desktop app yesterday, went to the "concerts" section for shits and giggles and almost had a big time simkunghae heart attack:

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No, she's not appearing at the Sinclair Gastropub in Cambridge on August 25th. I was halfway into buying the tickets (since it's about 45 minutes from me) and found out that the artist appearing that night is actually the '90's indie band Luna....

But I'm definitely going to see Hyukoh and YAEJI at the Paradise... that's my old neighborhood...


(yes... it happened while listening to yyxy... stan LOONA... and LUNA...)
She’s hanging with Amber because they are doing that SM tour. I think they might be contractually obligued to participate. Ugh, Luna deserves so much more.

Also amazing you’re seeing queen Yaeji!