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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. let's not fight. everyone should just slam their taint to the ground as love cherry motion's second beat drop plays into your ear
  2. Ddddddddd speaking of BLACKPINK...

    I'll believe it when I see it, etc.
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  3. Including their 5 existing songs and 1 new one.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. What I need is an Oh My Girl comeback and that Banhana will join Rainbow Pixie, Rainbow Blaxx and AOA Cream as a one-off thing.

    And the new AOA song sounds ultra promising. Those video game-inspired visuals had me sold already!
  6. Didn't YG "confirm" Blackpink for like....3 months this year already?

    Not believing until I see it on Melon.
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  7. F i n a l l y. I'm not even mad it's a mini album just give me something.
  8. The more I listen, the more I am looking forward to Bingle Bangle.

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  9. The girl in front of her TV is me 5 minutes after talking shit about the song on here
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  10. Poor Mina
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  11. The caption on one of Queen Qri's latest insta-post translates to "Will have good news if you wait." What does this mean? 6-ara comeback? Qri solo career that will decimate all your faves? And why Vietnamese? (I'm jealous of her lifestyle tbh).

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  12. He


    Ugh, Qri is vacations goals.

    I guess she's launching her V-pop career.
  13. V-pop Qri would destroy me. Queen of mysterious hints on instagram! LOONA could never.

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  14. I mean... it sounds good but like @Squashua said, it sounds like a Laboum song. Now, I love Laboum, but this isn’t what I wanted from AOA.
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  15. Yeah I wouldn't mind Bingle Bangle if it was released by a lesser group but NOT AOA that gave us Heart Attack, Like A Cat and Excuse Me.
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  16. Cookie Jar is a B O P !!!

    I've seen people describe it as Rookie 2.0 though ddddddd.
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  17. Rookie is a bop you WHORE.
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  19. Oh this f(x) demo is cute!
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  20. I don't think we talked about these teasers yet?

    I'm getting sexy midtempo teas and I'm actually pretty excited. The music video looks lit too.

    May 28 will really kill us all huh. SHINee, AOA and Pristin V. And then yyxy on May 30. YATH.
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