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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Do y'all have me on ignore Dddd. It sounds exactly like that song
  2. I thought you were just stanning!
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  3. Bop away, sis.
    Same ddddd

  4. Edit - Oops, I should have clicked "more posts have occurred while you were posting" ddd.
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  5. Wait, it really does sound like that Rupaul song.

    Gay icons only!
  6. Wait at me checking the last 5 pages over and over to make sure it wasn't posted and it was on the page right before.
  7. Oh I knew which song you were talking about sis I'm just shocked I didn't hear the similarities myself ddd
    Ru to SHINee:
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  8. Kim Chi should make an appearance in the MV now.
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  9. Apparently Yongguk released a sequel to that gorgeous song Portrait.
    It's alright....
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  10. Didn't you see the teaser last month?

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  11. I am bit underwhelmed by the SHINee teasers if I’m honest...
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  12. ONF COMEBACK!!! Where are you, @Cotton Park oppa?

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  13. Indie R&B Queen SAAY released an album and I need y'all to stream it, buy it and worship it because as title suggests it's full of CLASSICS.
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  14. Rainbow Car, Jaam, Overzone, Encore, Sweaty, and Circle are some highlights.
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  15. All of these for sure plus I really like Cold View too even though it never really got @Ceir ‘s seal of approval.
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  16. waiT I didn't know Chungha could speak English. Someone have her debut in America pls cos she's a star.
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  17. I've actually warmed up to Cold View!
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  18. Excluding the inevitable wig snatching slayage of LOONA X Grimes, (G)I-DLE have been the biggest surprise this month for me. I’ve had their mini on repeat everyday and I’ve yet to tire of it, just switch out the obligatory ballad for the absolute jam that is Jelly (get it?) and you have a flawless mini. For a rookie girl group they have come out fighting. Cube fucking DELIVERED.
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