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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Wow the title track name is NOT the tea. Is this their BAAM era to their Bboom Bboom in January?

    Seulgi, Irene and Yeri are serving though so it's fine.
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  2. Me giving blonde Seulgi the crown she deserves

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  3. I can’t wait for SUPER POWER UP - The 6th Mini Album!
  4. Ohh, that artwork is very nice.

    I'm okay with them doing something more "edgy"-ish, but I hope it's better than 'Bad Boy'.
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  5. Bad Boy is excellent what are you talking about
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  6. I'll remember this, unnie.
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  7. Wendy : “What did you say, girl!? Mmh-hmm, you ain’t doin’ that!
    ^ I do not endorse her behavior.

    Respect your sunbae, binch.​
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  8. I like Bad Boy but same.
  9. Looks like the New Testament is finally coming. I can't wait to listen to it so it can cleanse my sins and leave me feeling brand new. Or, what's more likely, it will demolish me and leave me with a few......questions......like Bible Boy did. Either way, I'm ready for it!


    On an unrelated note, there is a song that has been stuck in my head all day and hasn't left me alone during the moments when I am not doing work. I think it might be an AOA song but as the day has gone on and I've sung it in my head, the lyrics have gotten so jumbled that at this point I only remember the melody ddddddd.

    And lastly, I am officially a Pink Panda now. There is another group who has secured my stannage but I'll reveal that one when the right time comes.

    Wait....not me posting about it making me suddenly remember the right lyric and the fact that the song came on shuffle this morning which is why it got stuck in my head. It wasn't AOA at all, it was....

  10. I feel like Bad Boy is just there and the fact that it’s the worst choreography i’ve ever seen for a kpop song it doesn’t help it. Still excited hope it’s more like Peek A Boo

    Solo sounds great and she’s serving in the video teaser
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  11. Oh shake the table.
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  13. Excited for new Red Velvet although Really Bad Boy is a really lazy title.
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  14. whereismywig.gif

    Honearly I love this B horror movie look so much.
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  15. Both the looks and the title are very Perfect Red Velvet: Red Reloaded (Red-Up) but I always prefer their velvet side and Blonde Suelgi looks snatched so I'm perched.
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