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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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    And I'm already screaming at Happyface for dumping Dalshabet. Fucking Comeback Fucking Corner.
  2. Onew is starting his service in a matter of weeks so I'm assuming SM are trying to cash in on SHINee as much as possible now since there'll be no more SHINee for a good while now.
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  3. lucas has enough charisma for two and then some, i bop.
  4. Well, that was disappointing. I thought Lucas would have a bigger part than Jonah. It's more Jonah (feat. Lucas).
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  5. Daehyun is releasing some solo music.

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  6. ROTY NATURE debuted at #39 on the album chart ddddddddddddddd
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    Their best effort this year.
  9. That was really rude of The Boyz to deliver one of the best pop songs of the year at the end of November like that. Who gave them the right???
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    Okay, so Minzy's releasing a new song. I hope it's listenable this time around.

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  11. Sis about to get a FAT LAWSUIT for directly snatching the weird tune that plays at the beginning of, and is interspersed throughout the instrumental to MONSTA X's bop Shine Forever. Either they both used the same sample or she's finna get dragT.

    Starship's lawyers when they catch Minzy.


  12. I know I'm way late, but I've just discovered Mijoo being extra and she's this close to challenging Sooyoung and Nana for the top spot in my ultimate bias list.
  13. I love how some people were trying to drag the teasers for the McDonald's-looking M logo and it turns out it literally is the McDonald's M.
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  14. Mamamoo getting that sponsorship coin.

    I quite like the track although the EP doesn’t really have a stand out track like their previous releases.
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  15. Hi everyone! You don't know me at all but I've lurked this website & this particular forum since like.. maybe this May? But this is pretty much my #1 stop to get all my kpop bops and news on new releases and whatever tea is going on so I really appreciate this space! I've been a fan of kpop for a few years, (I first got into it through 2NE1)...anyway, it's comforting to see most of y'all unnies stanning LOONA, TWICE and all the kweens and ragging on BTS & their unhinged stans... I relate.

    I decided to register to this site so I could vote in this november kpop rate! My account lowkey being created just so Not That Type, I Love You, and Thank U Sooo Much have an extra vote.
  16. Can we bring the conversation back around to what is important.

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  17. But we need JYP to put the song on Spotify!
  18. Yes we can
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