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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Wow, the Apple Music intern was so SHOCKED and IMPRESSED by the new GFriend release that they inputted the album title 4 times for emphasis!

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  2. Their sound is literally nothing alike nñn Get that payola though!
  3. Minhyuk's YA got a teaser full of abs.

    Seventeen are finally releasing promo photos instead of linking to their awful website and saying it updated.

    Yongguk is coming out with a post-B.A.P B.O.P

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  4. A couple of years ago I would have loved Little Mix collaborating a k-pop act, but given that they're still releasing below average music to my ears ... no thanks.
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  5. Idk who this fellow is but it's nice of him to make a song about me.
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  6. So I hated the new GFriend song for a minute but the chorus goes all the way off and it's definitely one of the their best. And Yuju is by far the best vocalist of this generation.

    I will still skip the first verse though ddd.
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  7. Gfriend's music has always been good (minus Sunny Summer but even then the b-sides were it) but I'm so happy with they way they've really developed their sound and are fully in their groove and own lane. And the fact SoMu finally hired some actual stylists....ugh, my heart.
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  8. My man.... ugh I adore him. I'm so excited.
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  9. Should've picked Girdle.
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  10. Uh, we're going to pass on that one. Blackpink have better things in store.
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  11. Sunrise. Memoria (Korean Version). The whole damn album.


    Queens of literally being the sunshine on the one day mother nature decides to rain like crazy here.
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  12. The chorus on Sunrise is nice but I really can't get past how awful the verses are. TFTMN remains their only strong single post-Fingertip.
  13. TFTMN’s verses will never be topped.

    bureul kyeojweo... shimjangi kkam-kkam-haaaaaaaaaaae

    oneuldo gibuneun shimuuuuuu-ruuuuu-kaaaaaaae

    This phrasing. This melody. The spacey, delicate instrumentation accenting it. My God.

  14. I dont know anything about Seventeen except for Vernon being hot. (And apparently his awkward moment on that rap show)

    Where should I start with them?
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  15. So ... I'm madly in love with this new GFRIEND album. "Memoria" still blows me away tbqh. Such pop perfection. Wasn't keen on "Sunrise" on the first spin but it's grown into a little ear-worm. Just further cementing my Buddy status... Now get this album on Spotify because my data plan nor my phone battery can handle a YouTube video on repeat all day... poor thing.
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  17. Welcome back!!!

    @ryan_riot92 coming back to the forum to check who won 'Boy Group Debut Rate' only to find out it still isn't finished

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  19. You start by stanning either Wonwoo, Mingyu or DK. Then imo Thanks, Call Call Call, don’t wanna cry and lilili yabbay are some of their best but if you like happy songs there’s oh my, very nice and mansae.
  20. And if you're like me you set aside a moment to mourn Jeonghan's hair every time you hear a song by them even now, because you're incapable of getting over things.
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