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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I swear I remember that a bunch of people here used to hate CLC. They've come so far.
  2. CLC giving the gays everything they want? Yes

    Show serving an atmospheric bop with TEMPURA KIDZ vs Charisma.com chorus teas?!?!?!?

    Even the fifth or sixth play through I feel like I discover a new element to the songs.

    I Need U fitting in so well even with fiddles and all English lyrics!!?!?!?!?!? Yes


    Will I be able to differentiate all the “Like” songs after a while? No
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  3. R92


    God, CUBE really hit the jackpot when they landed Soyeon, didn’t they?
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  4. Another smash from CLC. I was listening to it on repeat on my way to class and it was the perfect soundtrack to me swerving to avoid all the people handing out flyers on campus. In my mind I kept going:

    Robotics club? No.
    Fraternities? No.
    Christians on Campus club? NOOOOOO!
  5. Upon first listen of the mini - No is probably one of the weaker tracks tbh but I can see why they went with it as the title.
  6. Have I been listening to anything other than CLC today?


    But seriously... I'm like deceased as to how good the track is. Everything about it is slightly jarring but so catchy. Would prefer it to be longer but I have no problem hitting that replay button again and again. I was pretty stoked for the NeonPunch song but I can't fully enjoy with "No" demanding all my attention right now. I think CLC definitely deserve something for this comeback. It's phenomenal.
  7. nn My bf said No reminded him of this:

    and I've been cackling at the thought of combining the two dfhsdghsg
  9. sdgsdf I used to always sing along to this whenever it was on TV, back when I didn't realize I was gay. I--
  10. Someone needs to mash NO with this.

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  11. 'No' is killing me!

    The girls are serving magic conch shell realness on that hook, too. You better deprive Squidward of those emergency rations, yes gawd mawmaw.
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  12. OKAY FINE, 'No' grew on me a lot faster than I expected it to. I'm listening to the mini now.
  13. Seungyeon's NOOOOOO!!!! at the end of the song is fucking killing me dfkgjnlkmsdfg
  14. [​IMG]

  15. Is Soyeon the sole producer of No? Has she been listening to loads of New York hipster house? The production is surprisingly edgy even for K-Pop standards, and a total tease for threatening to go off with each beat switch but never quite does. I NEED an official instrumental.
  16. I assume she did the demo as the co-producer isn't listed for lyrics along with her. For reference, the producer's most recent work is this nugu track which is sonically close to No:

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  18. New CLC is pretty good. Haven't listened to our favourite nugu group NeonPunch yet, but I want to know what happened to Terry.
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  19. Listened to CLC with headphones today now it’s out on Spotify and im speechless. Again.
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