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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. We will remember you.
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  2. We're getting 2 new bonus tracks!
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  3. Ooooo little bit late, but ITZY is LITZY. If you’re gonna rip off M-Train, best rip off her lone good track.
  4. Very kind of LOONA to promote Butterflies by Red Velvet for them!
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  5. Huh.
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  6. Love this a lot, she looks great.
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  7. This reminds me of this more than anything else:
  8. Hwasa sitting at #1 on Melon makes me happy. Loving Twit.
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  9. Welp, she's trying new things, but why does it still sound like it's not her sound? Feels very hodge-podgey to me. I still rally like Peppermint and Born Again though, so I have some mild expectations for the EP.
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  10. I'm very disappointed. I haven't liked a single thing from her venture yet. Like, not even a bit.

    Maybe one of the b-sides...
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  11. Nn I actually think it's her first genuinely good song this era.
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  12. Slice of Life

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  13. Dreamcatcher’s EP is... flawless. They just keep getting stronger and stronger with each release.
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  14. I have this bizarre relationship with Dreamcatcher where I'm not really here for any of their title tracks but absolutely adore all their b-sides.

  15. I think the new Dreamcatcher is their best yet.
  16. Say what you want about the song (a lot of us already have) but their stage presence is pretty good.
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  17. This reminds me that music videos are so important cause they really do elevate the fuck out of everything.

    Great debut but the choreo just hit harder in the music video I guess, which is natural, but it felt a bit 'quiet' here. Though Chaeryeong's presence ramped up a lot here! They're gonna be fine, no doubt they're gonna have a solid 5 years in front of them.
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