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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Can you believe this video exists and there were still people who foolishly thought Chungha wouldn't go on to be the biggest star of IOI?
  2. Vote for Sunmi’s fan club name!

    It’s between

    We used to call ourselves Sunminions which I prefer to those. And a fan suggest Miyamors, which is perfect so I hope they scrap this poll and use that.
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  3. My awkward self in every group picture ever:

  4. Miyamor is a cute name and Sunminion was also one that I expected to see but like Orbit over LOONATIC I probably will like whatever it is ddd.
  5. Remember that time last year when we had 2+ pages of discussion about condiments? Well...

  6. Why was @Bomshell of Life the first thing that came to my mind?
  7. This sounds really good. Perch’t
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  9. I'm gonna miss you, Key! Hwaiting!!!

    And I'm dying at this.
  10. Thankfully, I don't.
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  11. Ooop, she bussy popping to this mellow bop. Also the extra widescreen vid looks gorgeous.

  12. Those last two scenes really made me uncomfortable for some reason ddd.

  13. He


    Hmm I’m wondering how these self harm allegories are going to sit with the public.
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  14. It didn't go well with the Western audiences at the very least when 365 Fresh came out. Not too sure about SK. I can only hope she doesn't go as ham fisted as E'dawn did in that video because it was awful to watch and the song wasn't good enough to make me ever come back.
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  15. He


    I truly hope she’s not going for some misguided “edgy” concept. She’s so much better than that.

    Her posting those tweets as promo wasn’t cute either.
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  16. I agree but I'd rather those tweets be facetious and edgy rather than if she actually believed and felt those feelings.
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  17. I just need to know if Sunmi is releasing a mini album or a digital single. Signs are pointing to a digital single since it’s coming out today with no word on a pre-order or anything...

    So where are Hey You & Borderline? Is she doing an IU of releasing an unpromoted single first followed by the title track & the mini a month later?? I need answers!
  18. I love Sunmi, but she needs to tread really carefully on a matter like this...
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