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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Gyuri @ the boys who didn't vote for her and now lost their chance at any sort of relationship with the Goddess herself.

  2. Easily one of their best songs and they all look so good (also Jinho is there).
    The pacing is kind of hurt with how many different buildups happen in the song with no payoff, there's like three crescendos that turn into just silence and "You are".
    Also the good sis Kino kind of got dragged with line distribution but Yanan was blessed.
  3. Me any time someone asks me what I'm listening to on repeat at work.

  4. I miss The Goddess.

    Best performers not named Soshi ever. KARA.
  5. Finally getting to absorb this. All I have to say is:


    (When I used to blog about KPop, I would do a little mental exercise when watching a video I was about to write about. Try to pretend you've never seen the group before when you watch them. Mentally discard any a priori, lingering expectation you may have about it. If the performance and presentation is really top notch, you will enjoy it twice, maybe three times as much. This one just.... can't even... gah... and... is Luda a real person?)

  6. Go won leaving Eden to join earth girls?
  7. Me @ CLC's barren ass twitter with no teasers or information about the comeback that's due in a fortnight.


    LIKEY for SOTY 2019 champion after they were robbed in 2017 by THRICEs
  8. Tomorrow X Together / TxT's first member

    It'll be interesting to see if they're an instant success just because they're BTS's little brother or if they flop in Korea because they're a new boy group in an already overfilled market.
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  9. They have the luxury of already having much more time to develop a fan base due to Big Hit's stacked cash.
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  10. I'm so happy that BB CREAM PA PA PA translates into Japanese.
  11. Bit of an unwise album title.
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  12. JESUS how long have they been sitting on this?! I’m so fucking EXCITED.
  13. 2019 GRAMAMA disbandment of the year, nominee #1

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  14. The name itself is sending me. NOT BigHit foreshadowing their longevity after several albums? Does it actually mean TOMORROW NOT TOGETHER? Ha.

    The guy who's in that teaser looks kinda like V. I see what you did there, BigHit.
  15. Oh wow. Someone hold @Cotton Park oppa please juseyo etc.
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  16. I have no idea why I love her and that might be why I love her.
    That made no sense.

    Anyway, she's an angel and a fighter and one of my heroes. I wish her the best.
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  17. Korea is kinda saying no ma'am to %%

    this country is hopeless

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  18. They confirmed she's leaving.

    I'm not going to hold out hope for another Girl's day comeback. KARA and SNSD made the same claims that they aren't disbanding and will still make music with the ex-member but neither came to fruition.
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