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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. One of my all time favourite songs/videos
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  2. I'm RRRRRREADY! Love Subin.

    And Sunmi. I was just showing a co-worker "Gashina" and "Herione" because I'm dropping down to NYC to see her on the 15th. Queen of facial expressions...

    (Talk about someone who suffers for her art. Thinking of a supportive sign to flash.... though I'm not a sign-kinda person. I might to it for her. "It's Gonna Be OKAY SUNMI!")
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  3. This was a few pages back but If we're going to embed Red Velvet's 'Really Bad Boy' can we please put it in spoilers? It gives me PTSD
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  4. I've definitely been exposed to noises similar to Wendy's uncontrollable wailing.
    Get your minds out of the gutter. I was talking about Hyolyn's concert and someone's over enthusiastic screams...
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  5. uh
    ddddd I just realised how it read. Yes my screams were severely......off key.
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  6. Or just not do it.

    (Apologies, though.)
  7. Chungha’s company will be debuting a girl group in April
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  8. Ok but where is IU?
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  9. She said recently that she has an album that is reminiscent of chat-shire en route so at the very least it has to be coming soon if she’s eager enough to tell us about it.

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  10. No one posted this... Why is Soyeon serving on a feature more than she did on Senorita?

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  11. cos she's getting that sm coin
  12. JAJDJDJSJSKSKSK nawt Park Bom uniting YG and SM Entertainment.

    What's next? Uniting South and North Korea?????

    EDIT: Apparently it's fake ajxhdjsjs??? That's not the real balloon_wanted account either.
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  13. This is... immaculate. So nice of oppa to release the song of the year before he went away.

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  14. Sunmi just can't put out a bad song. This is amazing, both the song and video.
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  15. I'm so glad the visuals weren't as... messy as I was expecting because of her tweets. Also I absolutely love the song, song of the year of course.

    Where's my mini album tho
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  16. She’s seriously the most interesting female solo artist out there, and I don’t mean just in Korea. She’s on another level.
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  17. He


    The song is great. I like that it’s a bit darker. And the video doesn’t cross the line, and actually has some decent commentary.

    A queen.
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