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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Don't GurzDay hate each other too? I always got that impression. Well they've been dead for a few years now so I'm not all that upset.

    A legacy .
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  2. That’s shit. I love Girl’s Day.
  3. Girls' Day "Expectation" remains one of my favourite k-pop songs. I've been revisiting their second album a lot since randomly purchasing it a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was really good and cohesive. Shame that they won't be releasing more music, but I'm not surprised.
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  4. That sucks. I hoped we’d get one last comeback before their disbandment.
    Weren’t there a bunch of bullying rumors when that fifth member left? Nn

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  5. Damn. I got my hopes up when all 4 posted pictures of a New Year's dinner together, but I guess that was just a way to settle things before they decided not to re-sign.

    I'll miss them. They hold a special place as one of the first groups I got into. All the life-affirming bops... and they were great on variety too. Outside of Apink, I don't think any active girl group holds a candle to how funny they were whenever they were on a show together.
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  6. I only just heard this. It's so good, ugh.

    This and ONEUS' Valkyrie are a really good start of the year in terms of boy band songs.
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  7. Girl's Day were one of my gateways into Kpop. Those old University dorms' walls didn't survive "Female President", "Something", "Expect", and the rest of their iconic discography. A sad day ugh.
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  8. Girl's Day are the only girl group I have seen live and I wasn't a stan of them so I didn't know their songs except for I'll be yours which was their current single.

    Me when suddenly they start singing the intro to Expectation which I didn't know was a Girl's Day song but I had previously been stanning. Suffice to say I got my LIFE and MORE.

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  9. The moment Girls' Day released Expectation everyone and their mums knew the members' futures would change. I will never forget that feeling when I first saw the video.

    Let me remind myself of the total career plot twist...

    Even the dance version has 26 million views by itself.

    The final four members get work individually so I'm not really worried about them. As a casual fan, I do hope Sojin resigns with Dream Tea since the company is doing great in getting her TV presenting jobs aside from her OST work.
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  10. Sojin, my Noona:

    And this:

    Talent. Grace. Humor. Classic Beauty.
    (I'm so corny. Good luck, Park So Jin! Good Luck, Girl's Day!)
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  11. Is the song called Expect or Expectation? I'm still confused five years later.
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  12. I don't think 기대해 really has an adequate English translation. I've been told that it means something closer to "expect it" which fits the theme of the song, really.
  13. I know the good sis @yuuurei doesn't post in the general but just making sure she's up to date on what's going on even if Yura's departure is a ways away.

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  14. Adgfrhjgt binch, your memory is next level. I stan.
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  15. You know what they say sis, elephants never forget.

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  16. UNI.T releasing a goodbye song before their first comeback is still kii for me...
    When will the bigger girl groups with actual hits and profit?
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  17. I lost the gif and video of Sojin biting the teddy bear, but this one is even better. Sojin was always doing shit like that.

    Can I just say that Girl's Day were so underrated? I have before. They were.
  18. I haven't had the chance to listen to Girls' Day's full discography but what I have heard has been great. Aside from the obvious singles (with Darling still being top tier for me), this song is a favorite.

    Oddly enough it popped up on one of my Daily Mixes today which is both ironic and a bit freaky on Spotify's part.
  19. Oh, yes. This is so good.
    EDIT: And this almost flawless torchsong bop:
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