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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I really can’t stand it except for the ballad version. Another reason we are blessed by Jessica’s departure.
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  2. Well, it's up to your choice....
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  3. Do you like anything sis
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  4. [​IMG]
    This is so sweet of you thank you ...

    RIP GSD, you deserved better. I hope Yura will release some solo work going forward, her voice is as underrated as GSD as a whole in my always-correct opinion.
  5. Fun fact....Thirsty was my 11 at the last year KSOTY, I wish they continued in that direction.
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  6. Unpopular opinion maybe, but I've decided that WJSN's You Got is 10x better than La La Love and should have been the title track.
  7. Hey sweets, AOTY is coming
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  8. Lovekpopsubs is gone. Kinda devastated.
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  9. Only 1 gives me Me Gustas Tu vibes.
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  10. That's too bad. I can respect her decision.
  11. I am on my way home from the trip and I wish it wasn't over dddd. Plenty of stuff happened but one of the most interesting and unexpected things was when I showed my friend K-pop videos and he said that Heroine reminded him of Shallow by Gaga.


    I was expecting him to say the Cheryl song initially ddd.
  12. Oh and to emphasize how different his taste is to the forum's, out of the select group of artists I showed him he ended up loving IU the most followed by Yeri. He also was feeling Irene quite a bit and Joy to a lesser degree but not Seulgi at all. Heterosexuals, what can you do ddd. The subforum's collective response if he were to ever attempt to make an account:

  13. Yeah um cut him off.
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  14. Okay, I am officially obsessed with "La La Love."

    And it's not the kind of song I'd normally be obsessed with but WJSN can just really friggin' bring it these days. They're remarkable.
  15. Good.

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  16. I made a new (online) k-pop hunty friend who has very similar tastes to me. He's an Orbit, of course. Surprisingly, we just realized that we actually attend the same school (me as a teacher, he as a student). This is what he sent me:

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  17. I WISH my students knew about Loona. I keep telling my k-pop loving students to check them out, but every time I do they look at me like my taste in music can't be ever trusted.
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  18. Gotta Go also won on Music Core. Chungha has finally arrived.

    Mina is looking a little bitter!
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  19. She also got her 4th win today on Inkigayo. I'm so happy.
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  20. He


    Oh that’s a big show!

    Im so happy for her. Has she won music bank?
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