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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Oh she really snapped huh. Love the video.
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  2. Sunmi's new song left me breathless. She is a legend.
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  3. Also if y'all were interested in BTS's little brothers:

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  4. Sunmi has honestly left me speechless.
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  5. Now that the dust has somewhat settled Really Bad Boy was really not it, huh. I still like the song and will fight for the mini (Butterflies and So Good mainly) but even Sappy leading it instead of that would fare a lot better.
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  6. I'm finding Noir and its video very therapeutic. I want to say more but I'm finding it very hard to articulate my feelings.

    The song definitely slaps though. I just looked up on Melon and Yijeong (ex-HISTORY) produced the track? Whew we love a come up.
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  7. He


    Is it smashing?
  8. I'll let you know in 5 minutes!
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  9. Not to steal @BEST FICTION's thunder but Noir just debuted at 6 on Melon. Getting a lot of positive comments as well. Looks like it'll be another hit for Sunmi.
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  10. TXT just debuted at 29 on Melon
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  11. Doing well. Compared to Siren it's lagging a bit:

    #1 Bugs (NEW)
    #3 MelOn (NEW)
    #3 Mnet (NEW)
    #4 Genie (NEW)
    #8 Naver (NEW)
    #25 Soribada (NEW)
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  12. Not Sunmi releasing SOTY 2019 when we still haven't given her the 2018 crown.
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  13. Sunmi to the fans that were worried when she fake cried on the Vlive and didn't understand the context of the tweets. She really clocked me I hate this thanks.

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  14. 3Xs


    That TXT song is a huge bop and the lyrics are super cute ddd
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  15. He


    Wait for the ARMY smear campaign.

    The song is actually cute.
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  16. The TXT song is actually great, let me stan a bit before ARMYs ruin them for me
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  17. The majority of their fans are ARMYs already ddd.

    It a really strong debut!
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  18. that TXT song is lowkey better than the rest of BTS's recent outputs.....
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  19. I don't know what else to say. Sunmi just... we are so lucky to be able to witness her artistry. She is on another level. Literal Kween of Pop.
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    I already stan. The song is adorable without overdoing the aegyo. And the dancing is superb. Let me pretend their fans aren't ARMYs so I don't have to share TXT with them. xoxo
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