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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Chungha should have won ages ago, but I'm happy she's finally getting what she deserves. I love a little feminism to start off 2019.
  2. I've been wondering lately, is there like a Spotify playlist (run by the forum or otherwise) where I can keep up with new K-Pop releases without having to wade through all the crap? As a newbie, I often miss out on lesser-known releases and then discover them several months later when the group's already been disbanded dddd
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  3. He


    Maybe check the monthly charts @Slice of Life hosts.
  4. I don't see an actual playlist there though? What I had in mind was something I could just throw on shuffle while I'm doing chores and download the songs I really like.
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    Hmm wouldn’t be too difficult to crear a 20 song playlist for each month and use them?

    Conversely the SOTY rate has a big playlist with the top 5 of each month last year plus some extra tracks.
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  6. This (regularly updated) playlist is a life-saver:

    They do one for each year, and also playlists with all the album tracks from newly released albums as well. I used the 2018 one loads.
  7. I love that Chungha doesn’t even pretend like she’s surprised or acts all emotional when she wins. She’s just like yeah bitch of course I won. Queen.
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  8. This is just what I had in mind, thank you!
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  9. No probs. Sometimes it takes about two days for songs to be added, but I wouldn't be able to keep up with k-pop without it. A big part of why I briefly gave up on k-pop a couple of years ago was because I just couldn't keep track with everything. Spotify just makes it so much easier.
  10. Right, I expected her to be bawling her eyes out on her 1st win, but she took it very well.
  11. I don’t know if I love this or if I’m horrified haha
    My school is very strict when it comes to teachers-students socialising out of school, so I’d probably block him if that happened to me ddd

    Still, I take every chance I get to play them videos when I get ahead of the scheme of work (Blackpink is a favourite, duh) and on the Friday extracurriculars this week I blasted LOONA for 2 hours.

    They’re gonna suffer when I leave.
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  12. Yeah, teacher/student social interaction can be a bit of a contentious thing - especially if it came to the attention of older, more conservative bosses. But this guy is in a completely different department + I haven't (and don't intend to) meet him in real-life.

    I always make my students watch and analyze Orange Caramel videos, their legacy!
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  13. So no survival show?
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  15. One day I’ll try to get my boyfriend into K-pop. I’m just not sure how. His taste in music ranges from classical music to... Ed Sheeran and Adele (He’s from the Philippines and I believe they’re both very popular over there, one time we were in an Uber together and he started subconsciously singing Castle On The Hill and even though the song is trash it was the cutest thing ever. He’s also a few years older than me so maybe that’s why his tastes are more on the beige side.) but he enjoys the occasional Gaga and Ariana song too.
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  16. Start with Taeyeon's full album xoxo
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  17. Whew they moved on quick from Some huh.
  18. Please let this group have 6 members max.
  19. I can confirm this ajxjxjsjskx.

    We have trash taste here, we been knew disjshsjsjs. K-Pop is huge here too so you can try your luck!

    Also your story is so cute. I stan. ♡
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  20. On the eve of a new GFriend comeback...

    Let us reminisce...


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