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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Re: Yves and The Gashinas (her latest pop-rock sub-unit)

    Is it a variety show or is it a drama with, like, acting?
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  2. Ah right! Like I thought but the tweet describing her 'role' threw me off, either way, I'm watching! Thanks
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  3. Slice of Life

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  4. "See you all... "


    "... in the summer (with a red concept comeback)"

  5. Slice of Life

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  6. DDD, apparently CUBE debuted a ballad group last year called "A Train to Autumn". I have no idea who they are but it looks like they're already mismanaged because nobody knows who they are ddd blue square company stays messy.

    Hope it's good so I can stan these girlies.
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  7. She will be performing in Paris the same day as BTS.
    Queen of keeping only the best audience to her show!
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  8. Am I supposed to be thinking of SNSD cutesy concepts while watching this???
  9. :( i hate this
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  11. You're right, April should be getting Artist of the Year for My Mistake.
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    KIWI JOY!!

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  14. [​IMG]
    Considering your rating of "Wild" by 9M, if I wasn't gonna listen to it, now I gotta.
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  15. Island

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  16. This is going to sound shady, and it’s not, but ‘HOT’ is a triumph because the girls aren’t constantly singing ddd. They consistently get some of the best production in the game (notable exception: ‘Dance the Night Away’), but they never seem to give it space to breathe (notable exception: also ‘Dance the Night Away’).
  17. Do we think the European Hyolyn and Sunmi shows are likely to sell out quickly? I kind of wanna go to both, but I have no means to buy tickets until like three days after the tickets go on sale.
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  18. He


    I really have no idea, but I'm wondering the same. The Sunmi show is at such a random venue in Amsterdam, which is also quite small.
  19. OH MY GOD
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