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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I read this too quickly and for a second I thought Format Not Specified was the title of the album.

    I'm so excited! They deserve a full album.
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    They're made up of Wanna One's Daehwi and Woojin and MXM's Youngmin and Donghyun. And Woong.
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  3. 3Xs


    I... really don't like the Hyolyn song. I am sad. :(
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    Leaving work in a few hours to go join the queue / drink. I can't wait sdufhnsfdsf
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  5. You gon' be late, I can just sense it.


    I too am ready for BLACKPINK to annihilate me tonight.
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  6. I'm not ready.

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  7. Find me drunk in the queue sis x
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  8. You know a bop‘s a bop when the first thing you think of are 4 Walls and Lullaby.
    Great debut.
  9. I need someone to buy me this. Their physical releases are always so pretty!

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  10. Ooh this is so pretty!
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  11. Already sounds like a classic.
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  12. youknowbetter is super pretty and I can see it growing but it's no SEE SEA is it
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  13. So BLACKPINK’s concert was fucking phenomenal, they absolutely killed it and totally brought the incredible Coachella energy with them. All of them sounded great and the set list didn’t seem short despite their limited discography. While the staging was relatively minimal, they still put on a spectacular show. The highlight was seeing them completely loving every minute of it, their energy was just infectious.

    Side note: I would very much like phones to be banned from these events cause lord did I want to destroy every single one blocking my view.
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  14. This is still SUCH a bop. Really underrated. Love the vocals at the end as always.
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  15. He


    Jennie to confiscate all iphones!
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  16. I was there too and they were incredible. So glad I finally got to go to a K-Pop gig.

    What the fuck was the situation trying to get into the arena though? I got there at 7 and there was literally thousands outside and nobody knew where to queue. Took us over a hour to get in. People were getting crushed and fainting and all the staff could do was shout at people.
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  17. 1 Day until the T-ara Rate opens.

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  18. Little late, but I love that new Hyolyn song, it's really beautiful. She is so gorgeous and the styling is A+. Wish the video had a little more to it but it's fine. I liked the monologue at the beginning, I'd listen to a whole track of her just talking tbh. I do think she over-acts a little tho.

    Also, fromis_9's thing looks ... well, fun. Outfits and set gave me Red Velvet vibes.
  19. The moment of sheer horror when I thought the momentum from the verses was going to be squandered on a downbeat chorus. Luckily, this just accentuated the scalping that followed. Kings.
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