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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. You did not just compare this clapped man to JINSOUL JUNG.
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  2. He


    At any rate I’m happy CLC is getting more comebacks though. An album next, girlies.
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  3. Finally listened to ME(美) and it's uhhh absolutely spectacular? I love them?! That video? Jawdropping! Stunning! They're absolute queens.
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  4. It's sad. But it also means we get buzzcut Kyungsoo and buzzcut Kyungsoo is the best Kyungsoo. I love Kyungsoo. Farewell Oppa.
    Love, your one and only Gomsin ~~~
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  5. Well my interest in their next comeback just dropped by 1000% now that they’re losing their best vocalist.

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  7. There are so many layers to their comeback
    Pictogram (象形): (“goat, sheep or feathers”) + (“person”) – a person with a headdress of feathers or ram's horn; sometimes considered as an ideogrammic compound (會意).
    (mi) (hangeul , McCune–Reischauer mi, Yale mi)

    1. the USA, the Americas (in compounds, in news media)
    2. beautiful
    Anna ou-
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  8. D.O is my favorite... Sigh.

    Wasn't there also another member from EXO that enlisted earlier this year or did I just imagine that dddd?
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  9. Dddddd a mess. Yes. It was Xiumin, unnie.
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  10. Xiumin enlisted in April.
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  11. [​IMG]

    NOT D.O!!!
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  12. Oh.

    Well, I doubt he's ever coming back to EXO.

    Sometimes I think about how EXO had the potential to be even bigger but how the combo of SM being a mess and the shit with China stopped them from reaching some serious levels. Even with all that they are still probably going to sell 1MI for their next comeback, so imagine...
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  13. I believe they're deer because Elkie's representative animal is a deer she did it first VIVI stans found quaking. Although now I'm questioning why Elkie's animal isn't an elk in the first place dddd.
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  14. I agree that they def used faux mounted deer heads in the set, but elk is a species of deer and their antlers more or less do look like that (just a lot bigger) so I think it still works out ww.
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  15. Yeah I didn't really understand the ram heads in that shot but I'm just gonna go ahead and believe @ysev on this one.

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  16. Little disappointed when I saw CLC's ME pop up on Spotify. I thought we were getting a mini! But it's a cute song.
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  17. I saw this quote on YouTube which sums it up pretty well.

    The symbolism jumped out.
    Watch your back LOONA.
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  18. CLC’s new song - bit of a mess? It’s really hard to follow the melody.

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